My Application for Beningbrough Hall - Sitters and Their Stories

Sitters & Their Stories

Beningbrough Hall 12th to 15th October 2017


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This was my application for the above event. Only items missing, mobile and email.

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Sitters and Their Stories – Beningbrough Hall October 2017


Who are you?

Jeremy Hutchinson



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Photo taken June 2017


What is it about this event that has got you interested?

It is an opportunity for me to explain personally my diversity and to contribute to something I feel very passionate about.

I see this as a platform for promoting an element of diversity and to support an institution that is trying to embrace diversity and its many facets.

Many people speak about diversity and make the right noises but not very often is there an opportunity to participate or actually experience action/proactivity within the area of diversity that I have.

I see it as another opportunity for more eyes to be opened and more roads forged forward.

Sometimes people just need to be coaxed away from the perceived "norm" and be nurtured and helped to see and accept people as they are, not what they expect them to be.

It is an opportunity to push the idea of support rather than condemnation.


What does diversity mean to you?

Diversity to me means a total embracement of any kind of difference and not to extol one above the other.

Diversity means an acceptance and respect for everyone's difference. Fairness for all, with an aim for a world where we are all just people, no labels. A world where everyone feels included, respected and appreciated as a person, an individual. Not despised, criticised and mocked due to others intolerance, selfishness and a lack of open mind.

If an individual, or group of individuals is labelled, categorised, treated differently just for being different themselves away from societies perceived "norms" you have an intolerant, non-inclusive world. What is normal but ones perception usually based upon a "herd" instinct perception.

We must aspire to a world where everyone is comfortable within themselves and within one another.


This event is about celebrating diversity and our common humanity. Tell us a little bit about your experience that you think you might share on the day.

Life's journey is a difficult one but being different or choosing to be different makes the journey just that bit more demanding, How much easier it is to be positive, happy and content if society talks, accepts and interacts rather than ostracises, sniggers and ignores. I choose to wear society labelled female clothing because I feel comfortable in it. I prefer the brighter colours, the character and personality that skirts, tops, cardigans and scarves offer, not the dull drab and limited offerings that men are expected to be confined to due to society expectations and demands. I have a right to that choice. It is a choice all men should have, just as all women have but some how as we have moved through time and this has not evolved. So long as no physical harm is done to others what does it matter what one has on or looks like. Freedom of choice and expression applies to all, both genders. The right to be an individual, to empower oneself applies to all, both genders. All have the right to access full development of oneself, to have confidence with one self. The moment an individual is denied, suppressed, dictated to, and have others tell them how they should live their lives, when these same people embrace what they want, they force that person into a shell and they will not partake fully in life or develop their full potential.


Why would you like your portrait painting at Beningbrough Hall, Gallery and Gardens?

The project at Beningbrough offers another way of promoting men in skirts and letting staff, volunteers and public see "normal" men wearing skirts that can look good and are still men, just as women these days who have adopted male style clothing can look good and are still women. Women have won that freedom, why deny men especially those who want to embrace choice? Beningbrough provides me with an opportunity to support the National Trust on their diversity campaign and hopefully me and my diversity as a man who embraces both the male and female wardrobe can help them move further towards achieving their goal.


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