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This page puts down my thoughts on the subject Gender Identity & Sexual Identity including Self ID. It has been on my mind for a few months. It is a controversial subject to many on both sides of the fence but it finally came to being when on the 23rd November 2019 I came across this article Claimants Witness Statement by Maya Forstater who lost her job as researcher because she started tweeting and blogs about this subject saying biological men should not self identify as women to access womens activities and designated areas. I had recently been reading about men self identifying as women competing in female sports winning, getting trophies for sports person of the year which does not sit with me. Maya Witness Statment albeit very long covers this topic well, is very clear, well set out and very factual. It is not biased, but even handed and refers to women as well as men on this subject. Also in early November I came across this Good Morning Britain on ITV short clip on Gender Identity when articles and tweets about biological men now identifying as women can now enter womens sporting events, winning as well as obtaining sports person of the year awards as a woman. They were biologically still male with all the male attributes.


My View on Gender Identity & Sexual Identity.

I question these modern identities as stand alone descriptions. For me nature creates humans with two biological sexes. Either Male or Female. I do understand Transgender. The human body is a complex entity, thousands upon thousands of cells, DNA etc anything can get cross wired in its making. I firmly believe one can be in the wrong body. We are all at conception female and only the activation of a particular cell at a certain stage of development, at random, does the cell either create testicles and large amounts of Testosteron, i.e. male or ovaries and Estogen, i.e. female. I can therefore understand to being attracted to your opposite sex, same sex or swap the sex attraction from time to time for the same complexity of the human creation. As a consequence I can accept there is a spectrum of gender. On the whole the human body is in the majority standard but as I say the DNA, number of cells can get mixed hence the reason why some humans are born with organs of the opposite sex, have disfiguraments even faulty parts due to genetics discovered either early or much later in life. Why cannot the personality of the person which are unique to us all not get crossed and mixed up. As humans, society needs to live by labels, expectation etc any one deviating from slightly to massively does not conform to these specific human labels and boxes and therefore is different and society struggles with differences. Many cannot cope. As I say else where on this site they mock the afflections of others but fail to see the absurdity of their own. At the end of the day, regardless of gender spectrum/identity and sexual identity nature still only has two base sexes, male or female and society needs to accept this and live with this. It is very much like politics, all I accept in politics have the genuine desire to have the country at heart, in true democratic countries, yet we have many parties and even within these parties we have many ideas and versions that differ from slight to huge. Religion is the same, they all acknowledge the same God, just different routes, reasons etc. Company boardrooms, committees, the list goes on, it is human nature, our make up and one of humans biggest failings. I have read about the Gene called the Explorer Gene. DRD47R is the genetic code. DRD4 is standard in us all, it is the personality side of us but 7R is known to be in moutaineers, adventurers, risk takers. Only a few have 7R, the rest have a differing two character code which is what groups our personalites similar to others. I am sure this also affects the gender spectrum and sexual identitity as being human we all need to fit to a label, a box, a category. Human society only works by labels, boxes and catagories.

Wikipedia definition of Gender Identity:

Gender identity is the personal sense of one's own gender. Gender identity can correlate with assigned sex at birth or can differ from it. All societies have a set of gender categories that can serve as the basis of the formation of a person's social identity in relation to other members of society.

Apparently there are over 100 such identities.

Wikipedia definition of Sexual Identity:

Sexual identity is how one thinks of oneself in terms of to whom one is romantically or sexually attracted. Sexual identity may also refer to sexual orientation identity, which is when people identify or dis-identify with a sexual orientationor choose not to identify with a sexual orientation.

There are 8 types.

This Self Identifying Gender I am not with. Sorry but you cannot be a man, biologically with male strength, emotions, feelings and bits and say you are now a woman therefore you will enter female sports, female designated areas etc. Like wise similarily for women self identifying as a men.

Biologically we are either male or female, man or woman. Even Transgender are OK with this. A true Transgender is a person who strongly believes they are in the wrong body and have the necessary operations and drugs that physically transforms their biological status this includes their feelings, emotions and biological sentiment but they become then either male or female. With regards Transgender I strongly believe that prior to the age of 10, basically end of Primary School age I do not think Transgender operations should takeplace. By all means engage in discussion if the child talks about being in the wrong body and if it is clearly obvious the childs mind is adament perhaps but until Secondary School age the human body is very much evolving, learning, growing and can be confused. If the child is adament then engage in the biological change before puberty. There is a distinct difference in children when they start at secondary. Such Transgender change is quite a dramatic move, one that should only be taken when their mind can fully compute and comprehend their feelings. Young human emotions and feelings change wildly with many in their child years. A young boy living as a girl for many years as to for girls as boys in home life will give a clear indication if their thoughts are genuine and not role play in which case Transgender via medical assistance should not be questioned. I have no doubts that I am not Transgender but my thoughts and determination as an adult to wear the choice of clothing I do is unquestionable but would I do this in the current era but at aged 8 or 10, even 15 I would have to have a long thought about. School days can be very cruel by others, adult life can be hard but as a person in adult life you are in a different frame of mind. It is the same for children who accept their biological sex but not society consructs. For me this should be embraced but noting the bullying effect at schools.

Should Gender & Sexual Identities even bresaking of social constructs be taught at school. This is again a very controversial question. I think not as a specific subject over many hours but yes, discussed. Not to confuse children even perhaps inadvertently brainwash them but they all have access to TV's and the internet and the subject even individuals are there. The discussion should be along my paragraph 3 above about the complexity of the human body and we are all different in varying degrees. Knowledge to encourage respect, tolerance, understanding not the negative overtones society is so keen on. Positive is far better than negative. Primary Schools are there in my view for the basic learning of reading and writing with the basics of other subjects. Secondary is when the human mind has really developed and subjects become more thorough. Children should never be made to feel that they are wrong as they are, in fact encourage the standard human being after all the vast majority, well into the top 90% are all of the standard human expectation but one must accept that persons decision based upon his or her feelings. Mental Health is at stake here and it did affect mine in my early to mid adult years.

I am all for society gender social constructs to be dropped, let children dress as they want, role play as they want, let boys and girls play with any toy and activity. Girls and boys should be encouraged to play together. It was when I was at primary and I recall boys and girls being on toy packging for many if not majority of toys. This should also be possible as adults and for me and all that I know in my life, it does not change you from your nature given biological sex of either man or woman. As I say on this site if clothing choice does change a persons sex for society then why is it only for men but never for women including appearance and behaviour?

I have been aware of the modern increasing labels of gender identity and I am happy to let others be. However this self identification when men who are biologically men are now entering womens sports, toilets, designated changing rooms be it swimming, gym even fitting rooms in shops is beyond common sense for me and I understand for many others. Many organisations are now offering such facilities and main political parties are promising in this next UK Parliament from 2020 to bring Self ID in. For me, Self ID will only cause serious issues. Yes there are some genuine men and women around with Self ID but we all know human society is not and has never been a level playing field and many, and I have to say it will be men mostly, will take advantage of this due to their uncontrolled sexual feelings and emotions. Some of the gender identity labels, and I am not going to list them, but they are so varied to suit whatever a person desires is incredible and are implying you are not man or woman.

I strongly believe a modern society should have freedom, dress as you want, appear as you want, do what you want so long as no physical harm to others but you are still a man or woman despite what ever gender identity label you want to have or create. It is the same with your biological sex. I also believe in this freedom you should have a minimum of respect offered to you, not be subject to bullying, ridicule or question, you are you and have as much to be you as the next person or those that question you. At the end of the day though biology states you are still either a man or a woman, that is binary but your personality, preferences, are not binary. Society is very obsessed with binary, conforming, fitting in and forces the creation of these mulitple gender and sex identities and I don't think it is helping with the realisation that the core principle of humans for sex is male or female regardless of whatever label is created to suit an identity one wants to adopt. Society needs to remember that the majority of society work on male or female and Self ID causes concerns when mixed biological sexes are competing in sport, even areas designated as privacy for people. Society must also weigh up the mental health concerns of individuals who are truly concerned about identities. Negativity does not help, neither is allowing Self ID without thought of others either.

I object to the word cis now being assigned to men and women who accept their birth biological sex. This word has been created to accommodate those who are Transman or Transwoman so they can be called man or woman. We are all either man or woman as I state above. If they need to have this label differentiation then have a 'cis' word for them.

Many will see this page as Transphobic. You are always critisised for what ever you do, but these same people do not see what they accuse others of, they are doing the same themselves. That is why I believe in Egalitarian, everyone is a human being, all entitled to freedom, equality and opportunities but at the end of the day we are all human, one can produce sperm, the other can carry the child but we are all otherwise just a human being. Yes a true Transgender person cannot as to for some non Transgender people but they are still referred to as man or woman so why not for true Transgender.

For me I am happy as me, a biolgical male, whose interests and character spans both male and female society gender constructs and ignores others due to not being interested and simply not enough time. I am a human being with the ususal human failings, likes, dislikes but an individual true to himself and not curtailed to society male constructs and expectations. The last 2 characters of my DRD4 obviously takes my personality spectrum to include society considered male and female characteristics, clothing society is obsessed as womens only but any wear for women.

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