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Myself in Public

I became aware of the web site on 19th March 2018. I followed on Twitter and purchased their book. They have stories from men on their web site talking about their life experiences on identity, loss, mental health, adversity, body image, growing pains as some categories. They encourage others to contribute and to join in the discussion to allow other men and boys to see they are not alone and do not have to be part of a society gender stereotype.


On their website is a page "Our Mission". It states:

"Being ManKind is the start of a conversation. Through this project, we hope to address the unique issues that men and boys face in the 21st Century. The book is a collection of inspiring stories told by men from all walks of life. These are an opportunity for young men to draw on the diversity of experiences presented here to decide for themselves what it means to be a man in today’s society. We want these stories to create conversations everywhere, but especially in schools and youth organisations. We want to build a community to make a positive change. We can’t achieve this through one book alone, but this is the beginning of something bigger. There is so much more to come."


Their Manifesto:





This is a link to their site. It is certainly worth a visit.