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I think Society on the whole not all, has a misconception of this subject.

For those few that think it's funny, you are in the minority from my experience, want to ridicule by laughing or commenting on the interent, then I'm pleased to have provided some entertainment into what I think is a boring and narrow life you have. Especially to those women who do not dress traditionally like you expect me to do and still comment indirectly. For those who comment and make it obvious, but not directly to me, then you are cowards but please remember what others think of you for various reasons, you are not exempt from human nature or behaviour. For those who try to take picture surruptitiously and from the rear or run away exclaiming "man in a skirt, man in a skirt" to me you are just childish and immature and if you want me to look at you as an adult then you are a hypocrite.


Society lost the right to criticise others who break expectations and traditions, the day it turned a blind eye to the demands of others for equality, freedom of choice and their rights regardless of subject.


Human nature is very, very, self centred, in all walks of life.

All labels, titles, expectations and codes of conduct are designed by humans, who themselves are not perfect, none of them. As such all are open to interpretation as to what one wants to believe and expects.

Being or appearing masculine is perceived as being superior. Most men therefore cannot afford to lose this image, where as women in their drive to be superior or align themselves with the 'masculine' men have become masculine in fashion and personality. It is the person themselves who makes themselves not what they wear, and this 'masculine' appearance does not make you superior - not in my view, I grade other qualities for that ranking.

I am an individual, who will be a part of society where rules and regulations require. Unlike so many in this world I am not a Lemming who simply follows the crowd because others without thought blindly follow those who think they do know. The majority is not always correct and remember, Lemmings follow each other even over the cliff top!

If a man wants to crossdress by wearing clothing associated with the opposite sex then he would simply wear trousers. Trousers are the main stay of a womans wardrobe in this modern era.

I personally feel that there is a fear within society these days with regards the word skirt - inferior, sub class etc.

I do not accept the comment that men cannot wear skirts at all. If women can hijack traditional male style clothing as they do these days in the name of fashion and preference, then a man is entitled to do the same.

Some internet comments from women say they could never accept a man in a skirt. Why should men accept women in trousers?

Are men really so weak these days, bound, shackled, dictated to by others who say the same does not apply to them?

I am a male. I do not feel trapped in a female body.

As a human being I have emotions, feelings and preferences etc. Just because I am a man does not mean that I do not have them, and they are certainly not confined to the world of the women.

If wearing clothing traditionally assigned to women makes me anything other than a man, then please explain to me why this does not apply to women these days.

I am confident that I know the real me, a person who has confidence with his own ethos, beliefs. I am secure in my own mind as to where I stand in that argument. A Hetrosexual male who appreciates quality not quantity and has pride in himself as a person - an individual.

It is claimed that by hanging trousers and other traditional male style clothing in womens wear departments, it makes these garments womens wear and not mens wear. Simply hang womens style clothing in mens departments and they too become mens garments!

If the 'traditional' argument is used against men then this also applies to women.

Men in skirts is a preferred choice, just like women in trousers is a preferred choice despite the definitions of traditional gender dress codes. See my "Descriptions Used" page for term definitions.

Womens trousers are cut differently to take into account waist differences between men and women, therefore they are not mens trousers it is claimed. Everything is cut differently that is why we have differing size and lengths of garments for all.

We were all born naked. It is us humans that clothed ourselves for warmth and only in the last few hundred years has clothing become separate issues and now fashion.

Don’t criticise others who also want to exercise their rights and beliefs in an equal world so long as it does no one any harm.

I class ‘men in skirts’ as such, not crossdressing. Crossdressing is a modern description of Transvestites and came about in the early 70's when women increasingly wore clothing of a very similar style and type to that of mens. The term crossdressing these days is now dominated by men and women who wish to emulate the opposite sex by use of accessories for sexual preferences, which is what a Transvestite is, but they prefer the term crossdressing, not Transvestite.

I have a right to wear skirts and such clothing as I desire without ridicule or comment. After all the majority of females enjoy this now.

Men are quite happy to wear towels on beaches, changing rooms and at home. In the case of the latter many men prefer dressing gowns only. Anywhere else and they are deemed too loose macho presence and society status. Look at Religious dress code for priests, choir members etc. Because there is a reason or belief it is fine. I accept these are not skirts but towels resemble skirts, dressing gowns resemble dresses. As for official church attire, you can hardly describe it as not having a feminine touch compared to societys deemed preference to macho style clothing.

We humans simply 'brainwash' ourselves to a behaviour we want to believe in even if it has no substance behind the argument. Lemmings comes back into mind here!

Society is tolerant on womens behaviour, dress and language. For women it puts them along side men and for men they do not lose that society status/position.

I personally view clothing that I depict upon this site as being of stature, personality, character etc. It is you that makes yourself, not clothing.

Clothing does not create gender. You are born with a sex, Society creates gender roles.

Gender stereotyping. This applies to all if it is applicable to others and not just women.

At one time a minority of women stood against tradition laid down for them and started to wear trousers. If it was not for that movement then women of today would still be banned from wearing trousers.

Modern day women who since the early 1990's have embraced trouser wearing as a matter of course and tradition and for those who state and behave that it is okay for them but not for men can only in my view have a selfish and onesided state of mind.

Feminism is a movement during the 20thCentury as a doctrine for equal rights for women. Very few modern men disagree with this, myself included, but as is usual amongst society, one sided stances on opinions generally breeds contempt for that view. Equality is the state of being equal. Let it be so.

If it is frowned upon because skirts are traditionally womens wear, then trousers, traditionally menswear should also be applied.

Pre 1980’s I can accept the argument against men in skirts etc, but the way women expect to dress since then, and increasingly so, I believe the ‘playing field’ is available for all for freedom of choice.

Women who dress in traditional mens wear styles, do not make themselves any less a woman. Likewise for men like me and others like me.

It is claimed by both men and women that a man in a skirt is girly and ‘sissy’.Obviously that is why the majority of women wear trousers and other male style clothing either all the time or the majority of time, because society still views any feminine emotion or personality as second class and skirts are a symbol of such.

If women claim the right these days to emulate men and ditch a lot of traditional femininity, noting the “pick ‘n’ mix” that goes on to suit, then there is no argument against men like me and others like me.

Women regularly state that they feel more comfortable these days dressed as they now insist upon because it makes them more comfortable and gives them increased confidence. How can that not apply to others for their choice of dress style?

It is often said kilts on men is perfectly acceptable but not skirts on men or even Utilikilts. Surely a kilt is the same style as a skirt, just as womens only trousers are the same style as men only trousers.

It is claimed that these days trousers are a unisex garment. That is perfectly correct in the time we are in now, but this has only been the case starting in the 1980's and 1990's. Yes trousers are now hung up in womens departments, but hang what are classed as womens clothing in mens Departments then you too would have a unisex garment. It is absolutely no different.

Just because women since the early 1990's have worn trousers 24/7 by 365 days does not mean that they have always been the case and is/was the norm. It may appear so to the young generation, but look further back and it is very, very recent only.

What harm does it do to others?

Womens trousers are cut differently to take into account waist differences between men and women, therefore they are not mens trousers it is claimed. Everything is cut differently that is why we have differing sizes and lengths of garments for all.

The wearing of skirts etc by men is in fact not illegal in the UK and many other places around the world, just as much as it is not for women to wear trousers.

In Europe and the UK we have the Human Rights Act which actually forbids such discrimination as well as other discriminatory areas.

In the UK we have the Sex Discrimination Act 1975: An Act to render unlawful certain kinds of sex discrimination and discrimination on the ground of marriage, and establish a Commission with the function of working towards the elimination of such discrimination and promoting equality of opportunity between men and women generally; and for related purposes.This act was amended in 2008 without dilution in this area.

Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations 2003. Under the English Dictionary belief means principle, proposition, idea, opinion, conviction, religious faith, trust or confidence as in a person or persons abilities.

The Equality Act 2010.


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