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Cross Dressing,Transvestites or Men in Skirts?

Society clings to the following and other similar labels and stereotypes but always openly towards men. Female counterparts are always given legitimate reasons and excuses, like women in male style clothing is OK but a man in female style clothing is not. I provide explanations behind the terms I list below.


Bigots and bigotry is a person who has strong and unreasonable ideas and anyone who does not share their views and opinions is wrong. They usually practice what they critisie others for. 


Cross Dressing is the act of wearing items of clothing and other accoutrements commonly associated with the opposite sex within a particular society.

This does not single out men or women as this term applies to both sexes as both do it, it's just in this modern era society due to Feminism accepts women who can now dress in anything.

This term is often associated with Transvestites. Please see the true meaning of Transvestites below - there is a significant difference. Cross Dressing applies equally to men and women but with society’s one sided view point on this subject it is said that it is a male only problem. If a man who retains his male personality, yet prefers skirts for fashion then how does that make him a Cross Dresser, Transvestites, yet not so for a woman who wears trousers retaining her womanly personality. 

Cross Dressing became a term used and accepted by society in the early 1970's when due to Feminism, women started to wear trousers in day to day life. Although many women still stayed with tradition and wore dresses/skirts unless a particular role made it more sensible to wear trousers, this term gave society creedence with regards womens early change in fashion. It was not until the early Ninties that trousers and male style clothing became main wardrobe items for women in all aspects of life regardless of situation. The term Cross Dressing was then directed at men who were trying to adopt skirts themselves but society frowned, and still does, upon it.

Men in Skirts - This too is Cross Dressing, by the rules applied by society but it should be noted that these are men who want to be men but appreciate the comfort of skirts, including those like myself who appreciate the style, character and personality, clothing that society insist is the domain of women. Bearing in mind the arguments used by society not to allow men to openly wear skirts, the term Cross Dressing must also apply to a good 95% of the modern women. I know they argue that their trousers are women’s trousers firstly because they are called women’s trousers and secondly they say they are cut for women but trousers are trousers and they do not look that different except for the occasional decorative pattern placed on some. Remember the bulk of women who wear trousers virtually all the time has only been only since the early Nineties that’s hardly traditional in the sense applied to men.

Androgyny is the combination of both male and female characteristics. Gender ambiguity my be found in fashion, gender identity, sexual identity, and sexual lifestyle.

Ambiguity is the quality of being open to more than one interpretation, inexactness.

Emancipation is the fact or process of being set free from legal, social, or political restrictions - liberation.

Transvestite - A person who practices in dressing and acting in a style or manner traditionally associated with the opposite sex.

This term applies to both sexes as both do it, it's just in this modern era society due to feminism accepts women but not men.

Magnus Hirschfeld created this title late 1800’s. In 1897 he was one of the founders of the German Scientific Humanitarian Committee set up to defend the rights of Homosexuals and repeal Section 175 of the German Penal Code which made Homosexuality a criminal offence. He categorised 64 types of sexual intermediary one of which is Transvestite, a term he created and applied to both men and women. Now look at this term sensibly in the context it was written and when. At the turn of the 1900’s the dress code for humans was very clear. Men wore shirts, ties trousers etc, women - skirts, dresses etc. At that time the idea or thought (some did do it) was quite obviously dressing in the clothes of the opposite sex. Society perceives this as a male only problem, but females do it, you can actually buy false penis for women to go under trousers! Because the modern female dress code is now so like male traditional dress those women who feel they are men trapped in a female body can behave as such and blend into society. 

Homosexual – A person who is sexually attracted to members of the same sex.

How can this apply to a heterosexual male who still actively participates with Heterosexual females. I often see men in skirts and other clothing labelled by society as womens wear as being gay. If so then it applies to the trousered female Hetrosexual who still participate with male Hetrosexuals! Also there are females who are attracted to the opposite sex but society only targets the men, not the women.

Gay –  a male Homosexual. 

Puff – a derogatory slang for a male Homosexual. 

Lesbian – a female Homosexual. 

Queer – differing from normal or usual in a way regarded as odd or strange.

Now this is interesting. If a man who does not attempt to hide his manly body but simply prefers skirts and more pleasing tops then surely society needs to direct this comment to the 95% plus modern women who do not hide their womanly bodies but dress is styles that are very similar to traditional male clothes following their argument that skirts are a traditional dress for women. What is normal, usual, etc except ones perception?

Transgenders I have a genuine understanding of those who firmly believe that they are trapped in the body of the opposite sex and actually put themselves through transforming their bodies.

Transmasculine is a term used to describe transgender people who were assigned female at birth but identify with masculinity more so than femininity.

Transfeminine is a term used to describe transgender people who were assigned male at birth but identify with femininity more so than masculinity.

Paedophiles These are a totally different breed and I cannot at all understand them and unfortunately make it very difficult for the discussion about men. What upsets me, apart from the effect they have on their victims and families is that it labels all men as ‘suspects’ in some eyes. I have experienced it myself from time to time if people do not know me you can tell from their reaction and body language – ‘it’s a man near my child’. You can tell they are cautious. I can understand but how would you feel if I treated you in the same way – prejudge without facts.


Trousers and Skirts.


Trousers. A garment shaped to cover the body from the waist to the ankles or knees with separate tube-shaped sections for both legs.


Skirt. A garment hanging from the waist, worn chiefly by women and girls.


Both definitions from the Collins English Dictionary at the time this site was initially created.


Many by now will be saying, it's proof skirts are female, trousers unisex. Humans love altering history, even re-writing it when it suits, see my page on Society. Dictionary compliers annually add new words, amend definitions to suit the trend of the time providing it is actively used within society. As women on the whole have worn trousers for any occasion since the early 1990's it should be no suprise about the definition for trousers. Likewise for the skirts, it's not mainstream and according to society female only. I wouldn't mind seeing a dictionary of the past, before 1970 when Feminisim forced trousers into the womens wardrobe or even 1900's when Transvestite was created an era when each gender had specific clothing codes.


General Observations 

When the subject of ‘Men in Skirts’ is discussed in the public arena, it is generally referred to as a man’s problem/fetish. In fact I recall a bold statement from a woman locally a few years ago who said that this is only a man’s issue as women simply do not do it. Although this woman can wear skirts her preferred dress is always trousers but I do agree she does retain a degree of femininity about her. However it is not a man only problem as you do not have to look far these days for women who dress, act and behave like men although they are clearly still women. In fact I know a few in our area and we do not live in a town or city that have a limited degree of femininity about them but certainly push the macho image. Is this hypocracy of society?


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