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I have seen a comment on an internet forum stating that it was OK for women to adopt the 'wardrobe of men' because they are evolving. Evolving to what and from what I ask. This statement is clearly in the affirmative for women and not for men but am I surprised in this world when it comes to acknowledgement of men with regards his feelings, emotions, preferences etc. Obviously, ditching the skirt for trousers is evolving, but for a man to wear a skirt is not. Surely this is down to ones perception on this point. That is the answer to anyone who questions others beliefs or preferred ways of life when it suits them. The evolving woman also confirms my thoughts that trousers are macho, the power symbol, skirts are inferior, submissive symbol.

A woman to wear trousers is evolving. From the change in attitude, behaviour, speech, dress etc of many women they are obviously evolving into the society preference of the male, the same gender many women criticise for being aggressive, dominant, and according to many a female the cause of most or all troubles of the world. It is the same that they criticise men for the way they generally behave, dress speak etc, yet many a woman behave the same, pint glasses, tattoos, aggressive, involved in fights, drunken behaviour to name but a few, yet still expect all the old fashioned treatment from a man and to be called a lady. The term lady was to distinguish those in high society of the past era who were clearly different from women considered lower down in society. These ladies did not behave at all like the women of that era and certainly did not emulate the male gender in any shape or form.

Obviously a man wearing a skirt, or showing a more tolerant and compassionate behaviour, is not evolving as he is not demonstrating societies perceived preference for the macho stance, a stance criticised when it suits. Obviously someone who respects their personality, has a standard to maintain for the way they hold themselves and behave in life, even a respect for clothing which I personally feel speaks volumes about others attitude and respect for themselves is clearly not evolving. I personally think the way many a woman dresses and behaves these days is not evolving at all in fact many are now a disgrace to their forebears and clearly have no right to pass comment about male behaviour as they do, even one as simple as wearing a skirt in preference to trousers. Many a woman does not possess a skirt and those that do hardly wear one unless the weather is hot. Skirts in preference to shorts for many women who wear trousers when temperatures seem to go above 20 degree Celcius. Men confined to trousers only have no option unless they are in their private time then it's shorts. Why don't the trouser wearing women wear shorts - why, they are evolving!


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