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Go Ahead. Criticise Me!

I came across this blog in July 2013. I found it of particular interest.

Don’t like that woman’s skirt? Think that man looks ridiculous in shorts? Say something.


It’s fine. Truly.

The person whose clothing you are criticizing probably assembled that particular ensemble because they liked the way they looked while wearing it. There’s a good chance that they feel good about themselves in that outfit.

But it ’s fine. Insult them. Demean them. Laugh behind their back. Comment about their appearance and style on social media like the coward that you are.

What does it matter if they feel good about the way they look? Who cares if they feel confident or are seeking to evoke a style all their own? It’s your opinion that matters. It’s your idealized sense of style that we should all be striving to achieve.

And heaven forbid they don’t care that much about clothing and are opting for comfort over style. How dare they not embrace your aesthetic. In that case, go right ahead and belittle these choices as well. After all, you surely know better than them.

Just please understand that if you comment negatively on another person’s choice of clothing, you should:

 1. Be ashamed of yourself.

 2. Be aware that for whatever reason, you have failed to evolve beyond the mentality and decorum of an average high school bully.

 3. Be apprised that you are likely suffering from a negative self image.

4. Be mindful that your comments are revealing you to be a petty, small and mean spirited jerk-face to the rest of the world.

But it’s fine. Truly. Make your comments.

So many other small, meaningless, disgusting people do it everyday.

We’ve learned to live with your kind. We haven’t managed to rid ourselves of cockroaches yet, so it’s unlikely that we’ll be getting rid of your kind anytime soon as well.

Matthew Dick 17th July 2013


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