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I openly admit I am a man in a skirt, a man who invades the female wardrobe with regards clothing that are suitable to wear as a man in a skirt that offers character, personality and compliments the skirt, eg tops, scarves, cardigans etc. I do so as freedom of choice, freedom of expression just like the vast majority of women these days who adopt male style clothing. These same women can enjoy freedom of choice under society labels due to earlier women making a stand when this freedom was denied and put on society labelled mens clothes. Actually some women these days still do but society turns a blind eye. Society accepts women looking like men, behaving like men and actively promotes male style clothing for them. Society is obsessed with patriarchy and to achieve you must resemble past thoughts on appearance rather than being yourself. Clothing, like other aspects of life, do not define you, your personality does.

Why Most Men Still Don't Casually Wear Dresses 23rd April 2018 by Marlen Komar for A very interesting article talking about the patriarchy effect on society, the fear of loss of status by men for showing a feminine touch and women who display too much femininity.

In an era of gender equality I firmly believe many labels and expectations by society for men or women should be dropped.

If anyone questions a womans clothing choice or appearance it is seen as questioning the woman, denying her rights. It questions the woman as being a individual, true to herself. Swap it around to a man and the complete opposite stance is taken by society and this happens in many other areas of life not just clothing.


How much of the women's wardrobe these days takes on the style, appearance even actual physical items from the wardrobe which society confines men too? How many of these items specifically designed for men decades ago now are considered unisex items? Jeans, t-shirts to name but two. If a man moves into the female wardrobe he's a crossdresser, consider dysfunctional, has many terms like faggot, queer etc but not for women. It is the usual society hypocriscy and bigotry which occurs in many aspects of life especially with gender expectation or desires.

It is considered Domestic Violence, if a partner questions her clothing or appearance even abuse, even by a third party, yet it is fair game for many women to do the same about men even by their partners. Even the UN aligns itself in this area and the EU claims 33% of women in Europe suffer Domestic Violence and includes negaitvity towards their clothing choice.

It is human intelligence and the obsession that anything male, or can be adopted from male environments is a sign of power, influence, recognition, dominance over others. Humans live by labels. Some necessary, many very damaging and abused in the use and implementation. This is achieved by persona, not clothes or appearance. Freedom of choice and expression, not just in clothing/appearance applies equally to both genders in this modern era. If labels and stereotyping are not allowed for women then the same applies to men. You do not have gender equality otherwise.

If a man wears a skirt of other clothing society labels as womens wear he therefore must be a cross dresser. Who really is the crossdresser? The modern woman in jeans, other styles of trousers, shoes, ties, hats etc that men are confined to or men like me? Is it not the men in trousers, jeans, shoes, ties hats etc that the vast majority of women now wear at one time frowned upon by society? In modern society, if I am a crossdresser surely I would not wear clothing as depicted on this site!

Is society respectful? In certain quarters some members are but listening and monitoring society across the spectrum of life over many years I consider many are in words only, and with regards actions depending upon the situation or so long as it suits their ethos and demands in life.

007MyObservationsTradition, a word often quoted when someone expects another to conform but strangely to many it doesn't apply to all and certainly not them. Virtually all that exists in modern life in the 21st century stems from the mid 1800's onwards. What is compared as being traditional is a 100 to 150 year period and since the 1970's/80's in some instances. Society is obsessed with traditions with many aspects but only when it suits and a time line of qualification for tradition varies. I touch traditions on a separate page.

Societies traditions, quirks and hypocracy are in the many thousands and all stem from being what is suitable and or acceptable at the time and then changed because it has become more suitable or more acceptable. Most of these changes since the early 1970's are in preference to womens choices yet the man has to remain in tradition. As one man said in a comment to my article for the 100VociesforMen by InsideMan society makes men invisible, only referred to as people, soldier, worker etc but women are women.

BAFTAS in April 2014 changed its rules so that awards can also be nominated for programmes that can only be viewed via internet etc and not only via the traditional method of terrestrial television. This is because society is changing its methods to suit what it now perceives as a normal method. On 7th April I posted this tweet: "#baftas change rules 4 societies new ways. Many life aspects changed in last 100 yrs, including women in male style clothing. Men in skirts!"
I came across this statement in the book The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown, Chapter 49. Although it is a novel I found this particular sentence very interesting in everyday life. "Because most Christians want it both ways. They want to be able to proudly declare they are believers in the Bible and yet simply ignore those parts  they find too difficult or to inconvenient to believe." This rings very true from my expereience but also for all religions and general members of the public within society. They say they are tolerant, accepting, understanding etc but often when away from the situation where they need to appear to say the right words they don't. Many within society accept change for their friends, family and themselves because they want it but question others if it doesn't fit within their ethos. The pick and choosing within the Christian Bible is covered elsewhere on this site. 
It's also like how Andrew Marr said on his show BBC 1 22nd June 2014 whilst talking about the UK Jihadists in Syria/Iraq "they must be very bored and easily misguided but that's the trouble with many in the Western World". I think that is true for many aspects of the Western World with societies attitudes, vanity and getting 'wound up' over what others do in their own lives when it has no effect upon others, yet object to similar reaction towards them!
We are all entitled to a view on a subject. My view on any man or woman who discriminates against a man in a skirt is a hypocrite, bigot, if they themselves condone the wearing of garments that are basically the styles and appearance of traditional mens wear that are available for women. Fashion now caters for the requests of women. Men like myself have the same problem as the women forerunners who pushed for trousers for women - they wore mens trousers and I have to wear what society deems womenswear. From a clothing aspect in this modern era it is very hard to distinguish man from woman.
Consider this statement made by Chris Owen - Columnist for The Independent - on BBC Questiontime 24th October 2013. It was in response to a question about disillusionment with the current political system. In part of his reply he said this "...Politics is not just the soap opera at the top. It's not about Parliament. When we look at all the things we have won throughout history, be it womens rights, LGBT rights, workers rights, it wasn't won because of the goodwill and generosity of those above but because ordinary people, our ancestors, our mothers and fathers and grand mothers and grand fathers, they got out there, often faceless and airbrushed out of history, ignored, they got out there and they fought and they made their voice heard and we stand as a country on the shoulders of giants, we owe all of our gains, all of our rights to those people...". With regards the subject of men in skirts all those who speak negatively and frown about it should remember that many aspects of life they now enjoy which wasn't possible before are because of this aspect of history that many conveniently forget about because they have it now for themselves, to quote a society label, it is normal for them. Men and women who embrace the change that the woman have taken, yet dislike the man in a skirt or the men who prefer to break the expected traditional role of men should pay particular attention to this statement. The vast majority of women do not follow once expected society traditions until it suits them.
Desert Island Discs, BBC Radio 4 - Clare Balding 6th December 2013 "...I love wearing jeans and I'm wearing my jeans today and I would be quite happy doing a job where I could wear jeans everyday... ...the Olympics were a good case in point. I dressed the way I would have dressed to watch an event, like the crowd, the nice thing is now is that the girls who are like me they are not excluded and I think that is quite important..."
4th November 2010. The following statement was said by Shami Chakrabarti, BBC Question Time, "I don't agree with David Starkey alot of the times, the way he tells people what they can and cannot do, especially what they can wear." The topic of discussion was the UK/France defence alliance!
9th May 2012. My wife and I were at Marks and Spencer, Metro Centre, Newcastle. Both skirted and we had no problem either as usual - not the first for me to go to the Metro Centre in a skirt. We were in the childrens section when we both heard a womans voice say to her child "Thomas, stop looking at girls clothing, you are a boy not a girl". I turned to look and thought, what else can he look at at that point in time, so what if he was, the mother was in a t-shirt, jeans and trainers all items of clothing originally designed for men. The child was aged about 7 years old.

Unlike many men I am not a Lemming. Lemmings follow each other, "the crowd", even to the point of following over the edge of a cliff! Humans also follow the pattern "a crowd creates a crowd" in the belief that it must be correct. I'm not a hypocrite on the subject of skirts/trousers. What is good for the Goose is good for Gander. There was a time women only wore skirts/dresses. It cuts both ways and the trouble with society, a few cannot accept that, it has to be on their expectations and it is those who generally cause the most problems thereafter. These days if women consider they are denied a right, or to wear what they want they will make an issue. It cuts both ways. If men are to be traditional, so to should women. Its called gender equality, the foundation of feminism.

The following two paragraphs (black italic) is an excerpt from BethantheBarmy blog on Sexism dated 4th May 2012. The article and domain has since been taken down.
"As for men wearing dresses and women wearing suits, my argument seems to stand for itself here. Women are free to wear trousers or skirts, whereas men are only free to wear skirts for fancy dress or you know... general Scottishness. I'm not saying that we should fight for men's right to wear skirts whenever they feel the need, but since the can is open, I'm tipping out the worms. The reaction men get for acting like women isn't one of acceptance, but of mockery. To me, this means that men can't feel free to act like women whereas women can usually do the same as men.

I put it down to history, myself. Because society is so used to women being unequal to men, we are more alert to sexism against females. When women are sexist towards men, it's considered to be a sign of independence and feminist pride. And you know what else? The men don't even complain. Do with that what you will."

I thought the whole Blog was sound and balanced with one exception: we don't have to fight for mens right to wear skirts. We men have as much access to rights that includes breaking away from male traditions and expectations. To deny this does not make the world to be equal and free from discrimination as claimed. This applies to other areas that society still discriminates against by both men and women.

Tattoos, body hair etc are offensive/upsetting to some people, do they consider or does society make an issue in this respect. Tattoos are frowned upon within the Christian Bible but Christians do not make a fuss about this but do for Deuteronomy 22.5 about men in skirts but not women in trousers.
Some do not understand why others vote Labour or Conservative or even Liberal Democrats, if they don't themselves. Some do not understand those who like football or even don't like football. Some do not understand others who prefer to spend leisure time in the countryside where others prefer to laze around on beaches. Some don't understand those that like a high socialisation within pubs, whereas they quite possibly don't understand those who don't. We all have differing tastes, beliefs, preferences etc. Humans cannot cope with anything different to what they perceive as normal. No one is perfect in the eyes of others.
Some of you may still not understand or even continue to not try to understand and remain within your own defined world. That is your choice, I respect that so long as I'm respected back. I strongly believe we live in an equal and fair world. A world where we are individuals with our own emotions, feelings and above all, rights and human rights.
I do not presume 100% understanding from others. What is in life? Since going public in 2011 I have had no direct physical negativity. The vast majority just pass by or engage at the time with no reference either way. I do get a small minority, it is small minority, who make negative body language, giggle or make it known they are talking about me and these are 99% women in male style clothing and embracing full freedom of choice with the expectation of no comment at them regardless of body and or clothing appearance. I get far more compliments and positive reference than the negative. What might be said away from me? - that applies to many aspects of life. I certainly have private thoughts on others only showing disdain if I receive it. I stand by mutual respect. 
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