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My name is Jeremy Hutchinson. I live in North Yorkshire, England. I am a modern man. A man who lives in the 21st Century, and happily accepts equality but for all. A man who accepts everybody has a right to be themselves, individuals and access to all aspects of human life. A man who does not portray the stereotypical male attitude. A man who is not ashamed to show his true personality which under human gender stereotyping touches a feminine approach at times. A feminine side where I show compassion, understanding, try to be helpful, do not have this dominant male aggressiveness, thinks, respects appreciates the quality of one selfs presentation, home etc yet remains practical and stays within the 'real world' and applies common sense to daily life not simply because it is or another says it has to be. Rules and Laws excepted! I am not effeminate, weak, but do prefer a more quieter lifestyle, not this macho image, rough sports, male evenings etc and cannot abide competition. I am no different at all to women who these days want to look, behave and partake in stereotypical male aspects of human life. If my life style makes me become a queer or any other titles some members of society wish to label me with, then surely this applies equally to these same women. Although I will help and understand others, if I am vilified, disrespected etc then I will admit, I will stand my ground and put you on the outside of my life. Others in pursuit of their rights state it is their human right. I say we all have our human rights!

I garden for a living, not in skirts, I do all our own DIY which includes a barn renovation/conversion to be part of our house where a good 95% of the work is done by me, footings, foundations, block work, pointing underground piping, electrics, plumbing, stone work. The only aspect I cannot do is plaster and obtain help where more than one person is required. I get stuck into roof repairs, window openings etc. I do all our own plumbing, quite capable to do electrics, bathrooms, kitchens and some of this DIY work is in skirts. I am not afraid to tackle any job on the house. I have no interest in motor sports or cars, a car is a tool and has to be practical to be part of my life. In fact I like to consider myself self sufficient in life being reliant on the medical profession only including dentists and opticians. On the quieter side I prefer computers, gadgets, reading of good documentaries, factual books, or novels based around facts. With TV I prefer a good film that is of interest, good story line and preferably factual and good factual documentaries on Earth, Space, Science, Geology etc. I mortally hate sport and avoid all such programmes although I do acknowledge the talent of many in some sports. I like wine and beer drinking, meals in pubs/restaurants but not pub games and gossip. I enjoy theatres, classical concerts, folk concerts, but not opera singing. I prefer small mature mixed groups for good conversation not gossip or bragging rather than all male or all female which both are as bad as each other for being one sided and self opinionated. I have no time for those who live in a narrow minded world with, in my view, limited conversation on only predominately one subject like, sport, cars, guns, monitoring of others lives etc. Thankfully my wife is the same, differing slightly in personal tastes of music, colour or pattern.


All in all I'm just an ordinary human being whether I have a skirt on or not. My life's preferences are still the same with a skirt on or not! I know myself, my outer self and inner self, preferences for life and since early 2010 am not ashamed to push them forward and not do and say what others consider as normal  just like everybody else does because the person next to them says its correct. My wife and I have friends who socialise with us privately and publicly, with new friendships formed since 2011 and my skirt wearing going public. As a couple we go out and about including theatre, concerts, restaurants, doctors, dentists, hospitals etc dressed as we prefer, just like everyone else, especially women.

I think the hardest thing to get over is the psychological aspect, how we have been programmed to think men wear trousers, women wear skirts, trousers as well since the early 70’s, escalating dramatically since the nineties. Your brain is conflicted, thinking that is unusual but it is just fabric, nothing else. Because since the early nineties trouser wearing for women has gone for the vast majority 24/7, 365 days for any situation it is now considered normal for them, as if it has always been and certainly to those born since the early 1980's technically it has. In fact many try to re-write history by forgetting the real past. Psychiatrists say skirt wearing at home, in the home is perfectly normal for men, but out of home makes men dysfunctional! Why not so for women who have changed the dress code rules for themselves.


I am an individual, like we all are, but unlike many, I am an individual, not a 'Lemming'. 

My Wife and I - Friends Wedding

Those that cannot cope are narrow minded, selfish and yes as previously said bigots as well. Other people for other reasons get similar indirect and direct comments and at times far worse than what I have experienced, eg differing colours, even differing religions, size, height, glasses etc. It's part of the course for being a member of a intelligent race called humans. On BBC Breakfast, 28th July, 2013, I heard an interview with a Paraolympic athlete regarding the anniversary Olympic event in London and was asked if he now received admirers after his success in 2012 whilst out in public. He said he does, but he mostly gets stares when he walks around with his artificial limb on show.


Yes it is difficult going against the expectations of labels and stereotypes for men within society. I need to push this to one side. In this current era when women still feel they are discriminated against, they are in certain areas of life, where media and movements give support, provide, and reasoning yet men are questioned, riddiculed, told to stand tall and be a man etc and claimed to have no life problems. Society should look more open minded and see just what a hypocritical mess it is in for both genders.

Throughout my life I as a man had to follow what was espected of me as a man in many aspects of life. Yes society dictates to men just as much as women. I found it restricted me, I did not aim for or achieve what I know I could have done. I lived within a confined shell struggling to deal with what was expected of me by society and its labels as a man, listening and observing to others complain and push against restrictions placed upon them. I bounced along in life concentrating on a small private section of life. In 2010 I had had enough. My world had shrunk to a point even I knew something needed to be done and just like others I had a life issue, one of many, which was too much. For years I had lived a life of depression, initially not noticing, when I did ignored it. In 2010 I went over the "cliff" and entered a very black and dark side of life. I sought help via GP, who put me on strong anti depressants and Counselling on 3 issues of life, one being a choice of clothing just like others were now enjoying - freedom of choice and expression. This period I was in a very dark hole and gave my wife concerns when in my mutterings and ramblings, suicide was mentioned frequently. A good friend close to us was helpful along side my wife and other friends were there by telephone due to distance. It was not a good time and for 18 months our life was suspended except for my wifes work and surprisingly my self employment. For some reason which I still cannot explain to this day, my self employment I never let be affected and my clients had no inclination. My Counsellor told me this is why I had a further lower level of depression to go with regards suicide. This I found incredible as to me my life was a black hole, it was technically switched off. In early 2011 I came out of this depression and became me, the real me. I have not looked back since and the anti despressants dropped by gradual process. It was interesting to note those who showed concern and those that did not when my serious depression was mentioned during this period of a state of black abyss. It is often said what we would do if we had our life again. I am basically happy with my life style as to current job, hobbies etc. What I would change is that I would be me from the start and not let society manipulate my life when it doesn't for others.

For all those men out there in the same situation as myself then consider the above and take a stand like I have. It is hard and yes society is very fickle but unless a stand is made society will not make it normal. Mine was greatly helped by the fact that my wife is very understanding and we live together as one in equal roles. If your partner is not like this then you have two hurdles to consider. I do feel sorry for any man who wishes to wear a skirt and their partner is against it, especially if their partner not only wears trousers but male style clothing generally. History and traditions go back further than the nineties and ones memories!


My Wife  I Hampton Court 02


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