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MermaidsUK Alongside My BBC Radio York Interview 07-09-2017

On 7th September, 2017 the Jonathon Cowap morning programme on BBC Radio York had an hours discussion regarding the Priory School, Lewes, East Susex, change of uniform policy for girls in that skirts were banned. They can only wear trousers. I was asked to take part and this is covered on this web site at this page. Please go there for more background information on this topic.

The Chief Exeutive of, Susie Green, was invited to speak. MermaidsUK is a charity that supports Transgender children of both genders. Although I am not transgender, I have complete understanding for those that are. For me the human body is a very complex piece of biology that can easily get its make up crossed even mixed in the process. The human body is made from thousands of cells and genes, all very dependent upon a process flowing freely and in a particualr sequence. One small deviation, changes the outcome from minor to very serious. I even have complete understanding for those that accept they are male or female yet do not want to conform to society rigid expectations of gender, especially that one sided intransient view towards society expectations still held for males but not for females. For me I am no different to the vast majority of women in the world who have changed their society expectations and stereotype image to a more masculine style, in fact mostly very indistinguishable from that still labelled for men only. 

I listened to what Susie Green had to say and I thought she spoke very clearly, fairly, even, and with an open mind. Although she was being asked questions on the topic as mentioned above, what she said about prejudice and society attitudes applies to all aspects of life where others mock yet fail to look at themselves as to how they differ from other groups or individuals for other reasons. I have many quotations on this aspect on my front page as well as my quotation page.

I consider that those who have choosen to spend time on my web site should hear what she had to say and this can be done by clicking this link. Itwill let you listen to an audio recording of Susie Green's interview on BBC Radio York, 7th September 2017. It will play automatically.


It was with Jonathan Cowap on the morning programme for "lively discussion and debate on the issues of the day". 9am to Noon.