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Men are Scruffy These Days!

Men are Scruffy These Days

The Wright Stuff, Channel 5, 20th January, 2012.

The topic of conversation was about the subject "Has the Tie Died?".

What inspired me to compose this page was the remarks from the two telephone calls taken from the public during the discussion. Both were women and both stated the following:

Now I could start to cover the points I already cover on my pages 'Men in Skirts - an Overview, Bullett Points - Men in Skirts, Personal Statement and Conclusions' but I will refrain. If you haven't been to these pages then they can be accessed left hand side under the menu 'Men in Skirts'.

Juliette said “I think it is an absolute shame that you get all these scruffy erks around these days and men should show a bit of respect for wives and partners by wearing a tie and looking nice from them...". When asked "its a mistaken view that you can only look smart by wearing a tie" her reply was "I think it shows respect for their partner", "how" was the next question, followed with "because it comes in handy if they are not behaving themselves. Their partner can get hold of it and throttle them".

Jean was asked "do you like the tie?". Her reply was "yes I do, especially if a man undoes more than one button at the top as it gapes, it looks like something is missing. I think a sharp suit and a crisp shirt and a nice tie, a matching tie that goes with a nice shirt looks fantastic. It looks elegant and unfortunately these days elegance has gone out of the window. Its a sign of slopiness, like sloppy speech, the gunge look and all the rest of it. I hate everything about that ...". "... I think it shows respect for other people as well". "How does it show respect for other people?" was the question. Her reply was "well it does, I mean if you go about looking sloppy you don't respect yourself ..." "... you've only got one button undone so that isn't too bad, but its a slide into we can't be bothered. We have to wear tights and bras that I feel uncomfortable with...". "...A man doesn't wear a tie because he says it is uncomfortable but we have to put up with alot of uncomfortable things".

What I will say, these comments apply equally to women these days in many aspects not just their choice of clothing. Many, many women not only say it is their right but they too feel comfortable in what they choose to wear.

Is it hypocracy or what my wife says 'ignorance'?


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