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What's Wrong With Men Wearing Skirts? - 28th February 2018. Thers nothing more comfortable in hot weather than a skirt. These guys are wearing them and they're loving it. A very interesting read. Based on Australia.

Will 2018 Finally be the Year for Men and Skirts? - 26th January 2018. An interesting read. 

American Sit Com reboot of new series Roseanne starting 27th March 2017. Series ran 1989 to 1997. 21 Years later, grandson among new characters and he wears girls clothes. - 7th January 2018


I note articles on the internet that are talking more about the time arriving for genderless clothing, androgynous is a buzz word. Here are a few links:

After 42 Years of Sex Discrimination Laws Why Force School Girls to Wear Skirts - 17th November 2017. As 2017 progressed this got talked about more and more. For a while, as far as I am concerned girls have had the choice skirts or trousers, but for boys, trousers only. The same argument applies to boys and men as well, including Sex Discrimination Act, but this is never raised only about girls and women.

There were several articles like this one The Self-Policing of Gendered School Uniforms 16th November 2017 and eventually...

...on 29th December 2017 the Scotsman published an article about the Scottish Government Gives Go Ahead for Gender Neutral School Uniforms where pupils can wear skirts or trousers. This was on the back of a campaign by 15 year old school girl Jess Insall. As with everything on this gender neutral campaign it is always based towards masculinity, girls and women. I ask why cannot gender neutral be gender neutral? Why cannot equality be discussed as both genders not just one only. This has now developed in February 2018 to an open letter to the UK Parliament submitted by MPs for a debate.

In November 2017 I cam across this article about Gender stereotyping. A topic often raised but usually about female objections, but this one was about a French survey which showed boys were more negatively impoacted upon with gender sterotyping. I'm all for gender equality but this will not be as long as society still has labels and expectaions for genders and pushes gender equality as a female issue only.

During 2017 big discussions took place on social media about gendered childrens clothing. I did point out at times that why is it a big issue with children yet not for adults?

There is always a big concern when a man wants to adopt what society still label as 'female' clothes, always an issue when two men are in the same sex relationship, or a trans woman, but never any big concerns raised when women now assimilate the male wardrobe, two women in same sex relationbship or a trans man! Society is obsessed with the female gender being put on a pedastol but is critical of the male gender and very concerned about breaking male society expectations and stereotyping. Clothing does not define you, you do that by behaviour and attitude, both men and women. Society is very accepting of a woman looking and behaving like men, or wearing male clothing or styles of male clothing as women but simply cannot cope when a man does the same but as a man!



Men Used to Wear Skirts: What Happened? 27th June 2017. An interesting read.

Cheer the Exeter Boys in Skirts, but We'll Have Real Progress When its no Longer News. 22June 2017. A good article on men in skirts but also covering equality when all differences between genders dropped.

Extreme weather has driven hordes of boys and men to embrace skirts as a form of protest 24th June 2017. This has a bit of history to skirts.

Get Your Legs Out for the Lasses: Why Men in Skirts are Manly 23rd June 2017. This has a bit of history to skirts.

It was not until January 2017 that I came across this article. Women Modelling Menswear: Cross-Dressing for Models Who Wish to Work After the Age of Thirty. 23rd January 2014. I do not have an issue with this per se but once again it shows how society will accept anything that women want to do without question. 

Samual Windsor Blog site. A site for many articles on mens fashion, clothing and footwear. They, on 19th October, 2016, wrote an article "A Gentlemans Guide to Wearing Womenswear" and included a quote from my site. The two links here provide a connection to their homepage and the second, the article.

Men in Womenswear is not Just a Runway Gimmick  30th March 2016. An article on Vogue. 

Sorry, Not Sorry, but Fashion Won't be Truly Genderless Until More men Wear Skirts. An interesting article dated 9th May 2016 by Claire Kate about men in skirts. A positive article.

Why Guys Should Wear Skirts 16th March 2016. An interesting and positive article by Erin Pinkham. 

There's Nothing Wrong with Men in Skirts. An article written by Ashley Reese on 4th January 2016. I posted a reply 2nd May 2016.

13th November, 2015 by Sarah Anna Psalti from the Nothing but Hope and Passion blog site, under their fashion section - How Do You Feel About Men in Skirts? It is a very positive article, upfront and direct with a very good conclusion. You should read it.

"In March, the London department store Selfridges gave itself a radical makeover, transforming three floors of its Oxford Street emporium into gender-neutral shopping areas. Androgynous mannequins wore unisex garments..." A Brief History of Unisex Fashion 14th April 2015.

This article on 17th April 2015 is about achieving gender neutral clothing. Gender Clothing - Abolition of

This one on 26th April 2015 is similar. Sex and Gender aren't Perfectly Binary. Why Should Clothes Be?

This one 4th June 2015. Men in Skirts, Women in Suits: Fashion goes Genderqueer

Men Wear Skirts - Skirts are for Men"How does a 40 smething corporate manager go from crew cut and loafers to skirts, boots, and long hair? With the help and blessing of his wife of course..." This is a new entrant into the world of men publising articles why men can and should wear skirts if they want to. First blog 20th April 2015, and hopes to publish weekly. His beliefs and thoughts are well balanced and yet another example of all the arguments against men in skirts can and do apply equally to women now in male style clothing.

How Wearing Trousers went From a Symbol of Freedom to a Straight-Jacket of Masculinity - This article appeared on the web site of InsideMan - a Voice for Men and Boys as part of their series of 100VoicesForMen in the run up to International Mens Day 2014.

Does BBC's Boy in a Dress Drama Signal the Liberation or the Emasculation of Boys? - This article appeared on the web site of InsideMan - A Voice for Men and Boys a few days after BBC aired the dramatisation of the book, the Bot in a Dress on 28th December 2014.

Why Don't More Men Wear Skirts. 28th January 2014. Rosie Findlay, PHD Candidate University of Sydney.

This comment is from Valerie, based in the Midlands UK:

Men Wearing Skirts. The site and article have since been taken down.

by Valerie (not verified) on April 3rd, 2010 at 7:53am.

Shopping this morning, I think I was probably the only adult female wearing a skirt, out and about. I wish that I could understand what is actually going on here. In my counseling work, I come into contact from time to time with people who cross dress. Is this a cross dressing issue? In our society now, most women spend lots of their time wearing mens clothes, so why should men not wear womens, or am I missing the point somewhere along here?

Source: Carnal Nation (

The Great Divide. This article appeared in the Guardian as far back as 26th Janauary 2002 asking the question why are men so implacably wedded to trousers?

14th May 2015. Mirror, Mirror: Skirts and dresses for guy's? "It's all about expression"

18th June 2015 So What If Men Wear Skirts. An interesting and informative article from a man who doesn't wear skirts but says "one day when I eventually rock a dope skirt".

Opinion: Gender Discrimination and the American Male. 10th August 2015. Although the title directs the article to the American male it does apply to any country where men are restricted to expected clothing yet women have full freedom. We live in a gender equal world so they say!

12th March 2014. This blog - Man Skirts, Mens Fashion or Gay Overtone -  is clearly against men in skirts period and subsequently noted the article has been taken down. I gave a reply on 28th March 2014, it remained there for a short while awaiting moderation but then deleted by the blog writer, my comment not the blog! I insert my comment here, I actually took a 'screen shot' of it. I have been in discussion via Twitter with the blog writer who assures me no comment is deleted but after two attempts, awaiting moderation the comment disappears. I'll leave this here in the meantime.

The blog title is "#DISCUSSION: MAN SKIRTS? MENS FASHION OR GAY OVERTONE?? WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS??" Although asks for others views, it is obviously only views that are acceptable to the blog writer.


On my site I pose the question that men in skirts is seen in a negative view as opposed to women who now take a macho appearance and male style clothing. This blog clearly backs up my thoughts. Human intelligence perceives that power/dominance is demonstrated by aggressive body stance, language & behaviour as well as wearing trousers. The skirt is a sign of weakness. On my site you will read that I  believe the person provides there personality by not what they wear and I also advocate 'each to their own' something this blog writer clearly doesn't.

Men Who Wear Skirts. Are They Anything less Masculine. The domain is still active but the article has gone and cannot find by searching their site. This blog written by Cressida Abela is very short and concise and raises very interesting points and asks why society allows women in trousers but not men in skirts.

Amelia Bloomer and Men in Skirts. This blog written by 'She Thought So but Now She Speaks' 30th March 2014 is another supportive blog why men should wear skirts if they want to.

“I will fight to make sure this dated and simply sexist rule does not happen.” That was not said by a man but Imogen Bankier, top GB mixed doubles player in Badminton. This was part of her response to the Badminton World Federation who in May 2011 had released new clothing regulations that require all female athletes competing in the highest levels of the sport to wear skirts. These new rules do not stop the wearing of leggings or shorts by female Badminton players but these items of clothing must be covered with a skirt. I’m not going to get involved with the ‘party politics’ of Badminton or the BWF’s perceived or real objectives of the change but it is Imogens remark that I am interested in. (In early June the Badminton skirt rule was dropped).

31st August 2013. The Guardian did a short Editorial but the article has since been taken down. It basically said that men should go ahead and wear skirts. Amongst 280 comments between 31st August and 2nd September 2013. Comments were typical English banter as humour including one suggesting that the "...chaps at the Guardian lead the way..."! One or two negative but many positive from both men and women. The following four I found particular of interest:

kristinekochanski 30th August 2013

A skirt has with it an immediate gender association as skirts are for women. Nobody seriously says any more that trousers are for men, as the gender association has died. But years ago it was considered shocking for women to wear trousers, so there would need to be some brave pioneer men to defy the gender association with skirts, as there were brave pioneer women who adopted trousers.

As other posters have said men already wear skirt like garments, the kilt is the most obvious one, which is just accepted as a form of dress. It is a practical garment allowing movement & if made with lighter material would be very practical in hot weather.

So the gender association should be challenged, as why should women have all the advantage in wearing what we want, when men do not (apart from Scots in the UK anyway) have a similar choice?

BluebellWood 31st August 2013

Can’t see why not. It was pretty unthinkable even 50 years ago that women in western societies would wear trousers as matter of course, even on formal occasions (though completely normal in many Asian cultures, for instance, where women would wear trousers and men would wear ‘robes’ or something similarly dress- or skirt-like).

I suppose the tradition of women wearing skirts in western societies came from old ideas of its being regarded as unseemly for women to show the shape of their legs or bums or crotches publicly – which became a bit ludicrous when skirts got shorter and shorter throughout the 20th century. There’s actually nothing intrinsically feminine about a skirt any more than there’s anything intrinsically masculine about trousers. Similarly with having long hair or short hair.

I’m not quite sure why men would want to wear them though. As a woman, I hate wearing skirts, as I don’t think my legs are particularly great and are better covered up, and it necessitates having to think too much about shoes. But given the propensity of so many men for having their hairy (or otherwise) legs on public display when it comes to wearing shorts, I can’t see that their wearing skirts would make much aesthetic difference.

We had a high-profile African politician visiting our workplace a few years ago, btw. He wore a sober grey business suit, the bottom half of which happened to be a knee length skirt. Didn’t make him look feminine in any way, if that’s what men are worried about when it comes to this issue. Men tend to look like men and women like women whatever the conventions of dress in any particular society.

Tonyp1 31st August 2013

It's noticeable that so many of these posts resort to either humour or revulsion when discussing this topic. The former is how the English hide their embarrassment, fear and anxiety; the latter is how they express the same emotions.

The point is not whether men should, can or might be able to wear skirts. It's whether sexuality is binary or plural; fixed or flexible; uniform or heterogeneous.

As long as we organise our thoughts and our society along dualistic and assymetrical lines, we'll carry on shuddering or giggling, failing to understand our own natures, and reinforcing prejudice and self-blindness. 

Flumpasaurus 31st August 2013 

"But years ago it was considered shocking for women to wear trousers, so there would need to be some brave pioneer men to defy the gender association with skirts, as there were brave pioneer women who adopted trousers." 

My mum told me she was the first woman in her village to wear trousers in public. Her family were so upset they got the rabbi to come and lecture her about bringing shame on them, but within a couple of weeks all the other young women were wearing them too. One person can make a difference! 


I found this particular article very rewarding when I read it. 29th August 2012 - German dad wears skirts to support his son.


On 12th January, 2013 I came across this blog. I think it is very well written and basically supports that these days men can wear skirts. However, part of the last paragraph confuses my logic on this matter when after the writter says One possible test for whether the world is ready is whether heterosexual women would be happy with their boyfriends/partners/husbands wearing skirts in public.  Personally, I don’t know how I would feel about it when earlier she writes Personally, I don’t think that I would react that way – in fact, I have seen men in skirts before, and it was no big thing.  Perhaps it is what my wife says, people say they have no issue until it directly touches their own lives.


On the 20th January 2013 I noted this blog. Interesting article on why women dress like men but basically, what the hell with it. What intrigues me was the following "She's dressed not to please men. Not to please women. But to please herself. And that is what I ranted about. Whether women pull skirts or drop-crotch pants or baseball caps or pillbox hat – let's celebrate her individuality. Let's celebrate the..." which appeared below the url address under the search listing. Whatever argument, reason or justification is used by society to allow women full and unchallenged changes under equality, feminism, gender equality etc applies equally to the modern man. The modern man who does not hold or expect the old male dinosaur expectations of life and women. I acknowledge some dinosaur males still abound this planet but many are not.


On the 20th January, 2013, I noted this blog. This blogger is not only concerned by the the recent mens fashion week by using the description "this ridiculous thing..." but also the womans modern clothing style "It's not enough that they have been putting women in boyish clothes, and bodies, to obscure their femininity, now they have to confuse the guys and make everyone look like hermaphrodites?" Each to their own, I say. Western societies pride themselves and advocate that it is a free world for individuals for expression, speech, individuality, etc. If a woman embraces traditional male clothing or styles to suit them for whatever reason, or a man embraces traditional womens clothing does it really matter when neither do anybody any harm?


This interesting blog dated 15th January, 2013 by a Christian blogger regarding men in skirts. She does say that there is no biblical significance only a cultural significance. I posted a comment - 2nd one down, (didn't have to register) but what I found interesting was the following posted comment "Thanks for this article, Lauren. As a guy who wears kilts and skirts at home, I’m trying to see how the clothing one wears creates a problem with their Christian faith. Not finding it. Clothes are clothes, period. Full Stop. What difference does it make if what you are wearing on the lower half of your body has one leg hole or two? Doesn’t Jesus teach us to recognize and do away with double-standards and bigotry (“Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.”) If women can wear trousers, even blue jeans, and not be thought of as any less of a woman, then why can’t men wear skirts? This is a question that can have only one logical, single-standard answer. If one must rely strictly on clothing to differentiate a man from a woman then there is a lot more going on to create that uncertainty than a single piece of clothing. TKH". Posted by The Kilted Hoosier on the 16th January, 2013 at 5.25am. (The 5th comment down). On 17th January 2013 The Kilted Hoosier at 3.48am posted this comment (10th comment down) "Wear that skirt as a symbol of your support to a woman’s right to wear what she wants, be who she is, exercise her rights, and be safe in her city. Nothing shows more solidarity with women than breaking barriers and boundaries of ‘his and hers’.Found this article and quote quite interesting. That same quote should also be used for guys who choose to think for them selves regarding their attire. TKH".


This blog was posted 6th February 2013 by Alex Cybulska has since been taken down. Initially it appears negative towards men in skirts, but it is only the intro. One extract of the blog: "It’s about time men threw off their fashion social shackles, took off their pants and put on a skirt! It’s much more liberating, and isn’t this precisely what we women fought for when we wanted to wear pants? Ironically, Paris revoked a 200-year-old law only three days ago, which stipulated women can’t wear pants in public unless given permission by authorities. This absurd law obviously wasn’t followed or enforced, but the symbolism of women’s rights not being supported in Parisian law was enough for the people to force a change". Another extract: "In the same way, men wearing skirts isn’t about men adding to their wardrobe or being edgy, it’s about receiving the same freedoms as women enjoy in fashion. It’s certainly not about being constrained to socially approved, preconceived notions of what a man should look and dress like. Bottom line is if you want to wear a skirt in public, there shouldn’t be a single thing stopping you."


An interesting article featured in the Montreal Gazette11th April 2013 but has since been taken down. An ordinary guy who likes clothing society is obsessed with womenswear for segregation of clothing allowed for men, but any wear for a womans choice. He does not hide or try to disguise that he is a man. He simply is a man but enjoys clothing with character and more personality. clothing he feels more comfortable in.


I came across this blog on 13th June 2013. It is very interesting about men in skirts, any skirts. It is by a male skirt wearer who is a military veteran and fought in several wars so that "WE remain free of tyranny and dictatorial rulers. This freedom allows you to wear anything you choose". I have since noted it has been taken down but the Facebook page Women Wear Pants Let Men Wear Skirts  made reference to it.



I came across this blog in April 2014. It is by a woman who likes to buy clothes from the mens department and mixes with womens clothes. She had at the time of creating this link 21 comments. 20 from women who agree with this practice. Yet it is taboo for a man! The double standards of society.


Blog by feministactivist, 24th February 2014. Men in Skirts. "So this is my call to action, dear readers: WEAR WHAT YOU WANT! And send me pictures of you flaunting non-traditional clothes for the gender you usually present as. I love you for who you are."


Association des Hommes et des Femmes Pour la Jupe au MasculinThis is a site dedicated to men in skirts in France. Although in French it does have a translator but I find the auto Google translator works well for me.

Why Men Should Wear Skirts- Jay Dezelic writes about skirts for men.

Sometimes A Man Just Wants to Wear a Dress- 2009 this is one of many such blogs by Hope Alexander. This page will take you to her other blogs not only on this subject. I find her positive blogs about skirts for men very interesting.


How to Tell You are not a Feminist– 2011. This link is a blog talking about equality and feminism applying to both women and men, equally. In the second to last paragraph the female writer promotes skirt wearing for men as well.


Men in Kilts, Skirts, Sarongs and other Kilt like Clothing- This is a very good site containing a lot of information and is well worth reading. It appears to be based in the USA but the facts and information apply equally anywhere.

Susan Quilty - Freelance Journalist. This article dates back to 2009 where the last comment was added 19-02-10. However her short article is still very relevant.

Barry's Men in Skirts Pages – Barry Talendor’s site promotes skirt wearing for men in Great Britain.

Man in Skirt - 2012- An interesting article.

'Dress Dare'- An interesting Blog encouraging women to dare to wear a skirt/dress for the entire month of May. Interesting as the article comes across as though they are re-discovering the skirt for women. (TheSkirtedMan: I thought the traditional dress for women was the skirt because that is why apparently society frowns upon men in skirts). It is part of a website about Women in the Scripturesand she poses some questions she would like answering about the context of Deuteronomy 22.5 and is there spiritual significance in having men and women dress differently? What are the consequences when men and women begin to dress the same, or to switch traditional clothing? Have women lost something, something I can't even put my finger on, because we don't wear dresses any more?

How about a Kilt. Predominantly about kilts for me which are really a skirt, but it also touches on skirts.


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