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If as a man you prefer skirt wearing then I have one simple piece of advice -

 GO OUT IN PUBLIC AND WEAR ONE and ignore the narrow minded idots who will always disapprove. If it's not you, it's someone else for another reason.

You have as much choice and freedom as any other human. Stop moaning, bleating and pontificating on the what if, either on the internet or privately. When women decided to wear traditional male style clothing in a big way since the 1980's they just did it, including those in the 1970's and the forerunners of the early 1900's.

BBQ 07 07 2018It has been said to me that a man in a skirt is provocative. Yes, it may be as it is different, but no more so than many aspects of human life when others make a stand or even behave and speak towards another. A man in a skirt is no more provocative than when the modern woman moved to trousers and other items of clothing that society still say a man should only wear, perhaps not now after the passage of recent time makes it now 'normal' for society. At the outset it was, as with anything new or different from what society has been use to. When it comes to women it is always justified as being in fashion but you cannot also comment upon what a woman wears without becoming mysogynistic but it is never misandry to speak negatively about a man.

Be a man, be an individual have some respect for your own beliefs, ethos, just don't become aggressive with it. Ignore those who can only express their views aggresively or mockingly. 001PersonalStatementTo me they have no argument against you, they know it, so to 'win' they become aggressive and rally like minded thinkers against you to have a negative psychological effect upon you - to get what they want. It is your life. As I repeatedly hear these days, "you are only here once, live it".

Do not continually ask others what they think, are you correct etc as to be fair to that individual they can only answer as their personality goes. You are you, so be you. Just do it if you are that way inclined. If your partner does not agree, well that is a personal issue aside from this site but team work, which is what living together is about, is just that, team work, an understanding and flexibility of two like minded individuals. If you are breaking no laws, and do no physical harm then there is no problem.

I am and always have been a believer and supporter of equality and respect for all with an open mind towards others provided they cause no physical harm to others and conform to statutory laws of the land. I have no objection whatsoever to the change in dress code for women and the behaviour/appearance of many within society - so long as it is doing no physical harm to others. It is a pity many in society can only live by their views and opinions only.

Many women not only wear similar clothes as of men these days and foot wear which is fine for hill walking, cycling etc but pubs, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, shopping etc there is again very little difference. Freedom of choice, rights etc but then this applies to all. Many women now have pint glasses, wallets, shirts not blouses, baseball caps, 'the builders bum' syndrome which they complain about mens, drunken behaviour which is complained about men. Many women now adopt many bodily stances and behaviour of men which at the end of the day does not even make men the norm to stand by - my view. Women now enjoy pornography, will use boyfriends for convenience and drop them when it suits. Many women are the instigators of break ups of marriages. Many will disagree with this but remember we all have views based upon experiences.

002PersonalStatementIf I feel wearing clothing as depicted on this site gives me confidence, to be my real self reflecting my personality then I am entitled to. This is what the modern woman expects without question.

If I feel it gives me and my personality more stature in life then who is to say I'm wrong?

It is very clear from others responses that they do not like it if others mock their choices in life. Its called respect.

Many in Society, men and women, are keen in many areas of life to show no gender comparison between children and adults. This they claim is to show equality, no gender is better than the other. I completely agree with this approach but at times I do think many have fixed agendas in this area - so long as it meets that persons beliefs and preferences.

Men in skirts -v- women in trousers comes to mind here. I do not wish to dress as a woman. I prefer what society deems as womenswear as fashion not sexual. Remember, women have anywear these days. I prefer the term ‘men in skirts’ to have the same equality as a woman in trousers. I have no desire to wear high heels, 'lipo', eye shadow, other makeup, or false "accessories" to allow me to emulate a woman as I do not have that sexual inclination. I have no desire to wear ornate jewellery, in fact I don't wear any male designated jewellery in the first place. I do not have a desire to have a female style wig. It should also be noted that society does not frown upon men who now have pony tail hair styles or women who have male hair styles - the latter is more common. Society accepts men wearing jewellery and ear rings, which at one time men did not wear except for sailors on the former tall ships - a means of currency in times of difficulty. However, I have no personal objection to any of this if that is what an individual wishes to do - what harm does it do to anyone.

I do not wear Utilikilts, a type of skirt labelled for men only. I do not wear them as I do not like the stiff and straightness of them and they seem to be above the knee. These are purely personal views and I do not have any objection to them for anyone else. For those Utilikilt wearers who state they are manly as opposed to feminine skirts, they are no different in the basic principle of the garment. The same applies to mens trousers and womens trousers.

My wife and I have always had a loving relationship with each other and neither of us have the need to ‘dress up’ as some do to obtain sexual pleasures and satisfy such desires. My wife has said to me throughout that she sees no reason why men cannot wear skirts and both skirts and trousers have plus and minus points for each.

I have what 'normal' people consider a quirk in nature but then what is normal? There is nothing I can do to switch it off. I have had a Doctor, Brief Therapist and Counsellor all say that my feminine emotions are stronger than they are in the majority of men, we all have masculine and feminine genes, but not too bad to make me feel I am trapped in the wrong body. It is our genes that affect our emotions and feelings. At the end of the day although I have no 'illness' I was suffering just as much as anyone else who has a disfigurement, disability etc which does not conform to society’s perceived norm. We all find contentment by satisfying our own individual needs and requirements as defined by our own complex human makeup. That is why we have differing political views, some like football and others rugby. Some prefer alcohol while others soft drinks. 003PersonalStatementAt the other end of the spectrum, some find contentment with violence where others avoid it completely.

I recall a friend saying to me, when I first told them, a quote of Spike Milligan: "I'm sorry for who I am, but I cannot be anyone else".

The part of all this I find hard to accept is that women can change direction and expectations with regards freedom of clothing choice and just get on with it. Men have to put themselves through ‘hell’ if they want to and justify their requests with regards asking for the same freedom of clothing choice. This is not to mention other aspects of life men are criticised for yet acceptable for a woman. Thankfully our friends (female/male) and my wife do not fall into this category.

All the best to all would be skirt wearing men. There is absolutely no reason these days why a man cannot wear skirts or clothing suitable for a male person even though society labels the garments as womens wear. The world of equality and individual rights have made this be but also the fact that the majority of women since the late 1980's have thrown the book of dress code out of the window and blurred the historical clothing divide. Some even deny that women at one time did not wear trousers!

In mid August 2012 I heard a report on BBC Breakfast. They remarked upon a survey published in the media that apparently when men hit 37 they lose all touch of dress sense, pride and respect for themselves. It was specifically men only. On the whole it is correct I believe, but in equal quantity for women as well. Also it is once again a very general and sweeping statement, which if it was targeting women only would not have been allowed without strong verbal protests. I object to being included in this survey.


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