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Why I Am Not Religious

I am not an active believer in religions. I have taken a huge step out from being a practicing participant. I will acknowledge a God of some sort, be it man or woman. This “being” encourages, love, tolerance, understanding etc. All religions of the world basically believe in the same “being” and all religions do have a core message of tolerance, peace, understanding, respect etc. The problem is how humans, especially those who hold power and influence within these religions practice and preach and the believers who blindly follow, or flaunt the practices of their religions when it suits them that give me cause for concern. This is also why we have so many differing religions around the world and continues as time goes by. All religions suffer from this in varying forms. I acknowledge religions provided they accept and acknowledge others. It is when they tell others they are right, you/others are wrong I cannot. It is when they quote extracts from their respective books, eg the Bible for Christianity, at others but not at themselves. It is also when some will re-define passages to suit their cause but interperet literally for others. Also a lot of human politics have entered these religions laying down rules and expectations that are not part of their main stay books, eg Bible, Quran (Koran). At the end of the day they are just human books written by humans, written long after the events and humans are not perfect. Humans throughout society manipulate to achieve.

The world, its natural complexities and the table of life thereon must have a purpose, what I don't know, but it is far to complex and detailed in a natural capacity to have no purpose at all for being here.

Religions hold a literal interpretation of their respective books and apply these interpretations to make others feel smaller or far less insignificant compared to those who blindly follow the specific religious faiths. These books are based on events and stories hundreds of years after the event, on an intelligence of humans nearly 2000 years ago. All things we know today, do today, create today are completely different to 2000 years ago. Human intelligence is leap years ahead from then yet we still cling to the exact writings of that time but fail to embrace the real underline message therein. Human attitude, greed, power, influence etc has not changed including wars, fighting etc. They fail to acknowledge translations from the origins of these books, words used today have differing meanings to then, words we have now didn't exist then and vice versa. We apply modern knowledge and ways to then.

As Billy Graham once said at a rally for Bill Clinton, former USA President, grantedly talking about the LGBT Community It is the Holy Spirit’s job to convict, God’s job to judge, and it’s my job to love.”

I ask the question can the Christian faith, or any religion of the world withhold rights and priviledges from those outside their faith. Surely the involvement into anothers personal life is a priviledge not a right. Just because one group have their beliefs and expected ways does not mean it is correct. Are we saying, one group has the monopoly on truth over all inside and outside faiths?

Religions would be far more successful if they had their beliefs and practiced within their own groups but respected and acknowledged others along side and supported others within and without rather than intervene or criticise. Governments, especially the Western Governments would have to follow suit. No one group holds the monopoly on truth. Society can and would still function. The problem is humans.

What has religion to do with birth control, education for some but not others, mainly against girls/women, skirts or trousers, the LGBT Community etc. Religion is there to support, comfort and help all regardless. Certainly that is how I read the Christian Bible and the Quran (Koran) covers the same topics of the Bible. Christanity is a break away religion from Muslim, the difference is son of God or prophet. Their respective two books are very similar except for son of God or prophet. There are plenty of quotes in the Bible to include all, regardless of colour, creed, personal preferences, nationality etc. Religions to me appear to have moved away from their core original principles and practices and are far to involved in politics both internally and externally, geographics, pomp and ceremony with the adoption of many of humans failings including power and dominance over others. I am right, you are wrong and you will conform or else.

In the Christian world they say they are civilised as they do not go around shooting and blowing people up, are respectful, understanding, tolerant and speak for God. Actually the vast majority of the Muslim world are the same but sadly some are not as they are so intolerant and disrespectul to others but there are many factions from Christianity which have an aggression in deeds and words to those they consider as non belivers. Christianity not so many years ago was a religion of blood and violence in the name of God, invading, burning at the stake etc. Christianity is not perfect now in its behaviour but at least it is not as violent but in the name of Christanity it still interferes in the ways of others because it thinks it is correct and at times via war. Look at the behaviour of  many Catholic priests, and that religions behaviour of covering up and self denial as an example. Look at the world, constant medling by other countries all in the name of religion and the respective God. Christian groups have there fare share of violence via cults, Northern Ireland, lone shooters etc. They all claim the word of God is behind them and have done on both sides for at least the last millennia for their justifications of persistent power and control struggles. Trying to bring modern, decent human rights for all around the world is fine but... Do not get me wrong I do not support terrorits, their ethos or behaviour at all. There actions are appauling and any God looking down on this planet would be disdained by their actions. What I am trying to say here, Chritanity and its split off groups have degrees of violence in the name of Christ against non-belivers and all religions throughout time has been the cause of many upsets through out the world and time for thousands of years. I accept it may not be the God the religions represent but its members cause the trouble and upset in the name of God. I also despise those who implement religious political ways on others, especially the negative treatment of women. The Bible and the Quran (Koran), states we are all equal in the eyes of God. 

Religions, as with many aspects of human life is a form of "brain washing". Socities many cultures and way of life, expectations, stereotypes etc are all "brain washing".This is it, this is what we do. The human mind is easily swayed especially when within a group or community. Especially if that group or community look inwardly all the time and not broaden ones horizons with enlightenment or be respectful of anothers way. As many religious members like to add there human feelings on behalf of God, then I pose this: Do you really believe he/she as your God is happy with what you are doing in their name with regards violence, meddling, rather than respecting, acknowledging, supporting with all humans being individuals? Many religious members belief of themselves being honest, respectful, tolerant and understanding of others is mostly provided they can get something out of it for themselves and or provided the others embrace that persons beliefs, ethos and interpretations.

I firmly believe neither faith will have another prophet - the human race had a few before the arrival of Jesus - due to the higher level of intelligence within society compared to the era of around 400 AD - the time the Bible was written. Within the Muslim faith the split to form the Sunni and Shiite after the death of the prophet Muhammad was over the role of the Imam. One believes the Imam is a prophet the other states it is a priest for religious ceremonies. We are, as always, back to human intelligence, interpretation and behaviour and they all say they speak for God.

Has God abandoned this planet? Unlike pre 600 AD there has been nothing since and mankind with its power struggles be it via politics or guns has only got worse, especially since 1900's. These days any one claiming to be a descendent of God would be riddiculed, vilified and shot before asking the question "were they". Would that person really be bothered to come back? 

Was God an "Astraunaut"? Was Jesus simply a freedom fighter for the Hebrews, or terrorist for the Roman occupiers of his country? Was Jesus an ordinary human simply trying to in still a sense of human good, respect and tolerance in an era of aggression? These are my ways of thinking. With Christianitys stance on LGBT, I ask was Jesus Gay, as according to the Bible he spent his life with 12 males and the the Christain faith goes at great length to distance itself from his being married and to Mary Magdolene? I'm sure he wasn't, I accept he was married and to Mary Magdolene, she appears in his adult life too often. Pre Christanity, women held great positions in religion, but not since and only the Church of England since 1994 has slowly allowed women priest and Bishops.

We are dealing with humans here. I acknowledge intellectect has developed extensively over the millenia, but human failings of greed, pride, envy, wrath, gluttony, lust and sloath including power, dominance, selfishness, has not changed. Until it does society will continue as it is.

I'll continue leading a respectful life, honest and trust worthy and will take my chances with my "trial and assessment" after life. We have one or two friends who are active church attenders, one a retired vicar. They know of my/our position on religion. These are from the sensible, respectful belivers that I do know are within religion. We also have a Muslim as a relative by marriage. His partner is Christian. Neither attend religious ceremonies like myself and my wife, but it does show humans can live with each other and be respectful. This chap is extremely pleasant to be with.


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