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Celebrating Masculinity: Men do not Check your Privilege

On 18th June 2015 I responded to an article by the title Celebrating Masculinity: Men do not Check your Privilege

I do not disagree men face discrimination that is not recognised by society as it does for women but I believe in and stand by for true equality for both genders in freedom of choice, expression opportunities and progression. 

In the article, apparently the world turns becasue of men, great strides are because of men, even female footballers were dealt a blow. I don't follow sport, any sport but why cannot there be professional/amateur female footballers. Basically women should not have opportunities because it deprives men.

Even this is stated "And before anyone starts with the oft used yes but that’s because women have been held back from doing those things, let’s just take a look at what that repetitive attitude does to boys."

This is my reply:



I agree men do suffer discrimination in many aspects of life and that society as well as the media do denegrade the male gender with comparison to women. It highlights mens misdemeanors in preference to women, it puts women on pedastols in preference to men. Mens issues like DV, sexual assault, suicide etc do not carry the same weight as women even though in the UK in 2013 men incurred 3.2% of crime as opposed to 1.9% for women and 1 in 6 men suffer DV while for women it is 1 in 4. I agree another discrimination is motivation for girls and women and not for boys and men. There are many other examples.

I agree this can make men not have pride in themselves and feel dejected but I do strongly believe that men are their own worst enemy at times. There is nothing wrong with being a man or showing masculinity, it is how it is done. Men should be proud of what they have to offer in an era of equality where all have opportunities within life not just for one gender. Take issue when some in society questions them but be positive, proud and proactive with themselves in the face of such opposition. This new era upon us is equality, therefore team work respect of each gender is important and men must be proactive in this ethos, verbally, practically and mentally. They should speak out loudly and confidently not just as individuals but as a group for all mens discrimination and qualities. I do mean all even if one does not agree or understand. Women had to do it, and now men must do the same.

The world has changed throughout the centuries and it never goes back. Both genders have needed to adapt each time. The Industrial Revolution threw a huge change in gender perceptions and I feel that the Victorian era did a lot of damage for gender expectations. Both the end of World Wars changed society and again both genders needed to adapt.

I am a big believer in true equality and I firmly believe that both genders if they have the ability, strength and intellect can do whatever they want in life and society. The era has gone when this is a mans expectation and this is a womans expectation. Many in both genders have adjusted, others need to. Some in the male gender need to acknowledge this and some in the female gender need to show respect to their fellow male counterparts as an equal team member drawing on each other attributes.

Your article to me reads that you expect men to have and retain the hunter gatherer, provider, carer, inventor, an everything role and women should not be a part of it. In this modern era this cannot be. Men still have a place, a role in society but an equal not dominant. They cannot retain the old fashioned expectations. Those that try will be looked upon negatively by the men and women who embrace the new era.

What is masculinity, like femininity it is a label only. It is subjective and relative to ones perception. I note your sentence on the skirt warriors, I am one of many men who will wear a skirt as a man, not as a transgender, just like women now adopt male style clothing. I have yet to hear one of these men question their masculinity and we are certianly not paraded on center stage by Feminists. Have you heard women in male style clothing question their femininity?


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