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On the 10th March 2018 it came to my attention that that day was now promoted as National Skirt Day and promoted on the web site

An interesting short article that was directed towards women but if a similar article had been written and targetted towards men no doubt #SkirtDay would have had far more publicity but not for the intended purpose. In an era of supposedly gender equality and women complain about rights and entitlements restricted, not empowered, freedom of choice and expression and having full access to the male wardrobe with styles and appearance I decided to partake in this event. It is an interesting read and all the reasons quoted as to why women should wear skirts apply equally to men. The article did state that this is the time of year to get rid of the restrictive pants (obviously American origin) and leggings as winter comes to a close. Obviously, pants or trousers are not restrictive for men! I couldn't help but laugh when it said "the fashion wardrobe of any woman will definetly have a rack filled with skirts". You hardly see women in skirts these days except for formal functions like weddings and even when it gets warm it has to be very warm before you see any significant abandonment of jeans and trousers by women in preference to skirts.

It was also promoted via Days of the Year web site. This article also included men with its writings about who can and should wear skirts.

The hashtag SkirtDay did not get as much activity as other hashtags pushing for womens pursuits and empowerment, perhaps because the majority of women are determined to look and wear items like men are still confined to in pursuit of their equality. It is regularly said and by women to wear skirts and other items considered feminine is to make oneself become secondary, weak and overlooked. The hashtag had a few tweets and I joined in as a participant of true gender equality for men as well as women:

"Don't need #SkirtDay for me to wear one. Do so 365 days unless not practical ie activity not weather. Interesting piece on skirt origins. Men wore skirts until trousers could be made & even then predominantly until mid 1700's. It is a society gender label now like a kilt - skirt!"

"Today is International #SkirtDay Done an 11 mile walk in trousers. Damp muddy etc but exhilarating views. Now with a skirt on as l do very frequently purusing world events on my tablet. Refreshed from the days activity & a sherry. Happy #SkirtDay" with this picture:

SkirtDay 2018 


I will note the date and partake again next year. Will keep an occassional eye on the hashtag as I noted the odd tweet prior to this date and by a few months!

I cover the stupidity of the society one sided debates and statements with regards gender equality else where on this site





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