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Skirts - My Observation of Women & Men

If it is claimed that a man gets sexual pleasure and pretends to be a woman from wearing skirts because they are traditional female dress then women must get sexual pleasure and pretend to be male by wearing trousers and other macho style clothing that are traditionally mens. On Internet chatter I do note that some call a man in a skirt a fetish behaviour. In fact in a protracted conversation on Twitter (24th August 2013) involving mainly 4 women but the odd tweeter did join in, one woman actually said "Forcing women to participate in men's sexual fetishes is assault." That can equally apply to women who now embrace many male clothing/styles since the 1990's compared to what women traditional wore before. Some men may make this into a fetish but there are equally as many women who take sexual issues and clothing into a fetish but as usual society exempts women. I for one certainly object to being grouped generally just as much as women object to being generalised by men. What about womens fetish for shoes, handbags, make up, appearance, waist line etc etc?

005MyObservationsAlthough I accept I am a man and have no urge to either become or pretend to be a woman, I do feel that my real self can be expressed when in skirts and clothing labelled as womens wear. I am ‘macho’ in that my strength allows me to carry and move heavy items and do physical work. I have never had the inclination to play with dolls or even behave ‘girly’ as society labels feminine activities, but then I have never had the inclination for macho aggressive sports like football, rugby etc. I like my gadgets and practical activities but then that is no different to many men/women especially these days. I am not ashamed to admit that I do have and allow a more feminine side to come out to show compassion and understanding and generally feel that problems, queries and concerns are dealt with by talking and showing understanding rather than lashing out verbally or physically. I am not afraid to let my emotions come out and cry if need be. I do not see this side of me as a weakness in fact I see it as a sign of strength. Only cowards and bigots in my view deal with something different with non-understanding and aggressive behaviour with no show of compassion.




In August 2015 these two women found me fascinating. The laughter and giggling at the beginning was very obvious. Throughout this medieval castle when ever our paths crossed it continued. They are two women, one with short male style hair the other, OK, long in a pony 


tail but a baseball cap originally invented in America for male workers. The clothing and footwear of both is hardly traditional female wear, perhaps if tradition spans 20 to 30 years, but obviously I am not allowed to embrace my freedom of choice and expression in their eyes, yet they can!


Feminism has exempted women who have ditched their traditional clothing dress code in preference for trousers and other traditional male style clothing from being referred to as Transvestite or 'Tranny' as many on the internet prefer. A man who deviates from societies traditional clothing expectations is not exempt from this term by many, especially women who pass comment on the internet. Transvestite definition: "A person (note person is not gender specific) who seeks sexual pleasure from wearing clothes that are normally associated with the opposite sex and emulates the opposite sex in all aspects" (again not gender specific). As is so often done, many past descriptions are altered to suit the expectation of others. When Transvestite was coined in the 1880's it applied to both sexes. These days many descriptions of Transvestite apply to men only. It has to be to allow women these days to wear male style clothes and have access to the male wardrobe. It's like the label womens trousers, just to make them different.


I am not a crossdresser, but a man in a skirt, just like a woman in trousers. I am not a transvestite as that person emulates the opposite sex in all aspects and applies equally to both genders not just men. Society may say my clothes are womens but they are my clothes, I bought them myself, for myself. A drag queen no, I have no make up on, wig or try to portray a stage act but we do have drag kings as well, another item society ignores because it suits. I am me, a man in a skirt no different to a woman in trousers.

Women don’t think their dress style choice they now have is out of the ordinary because since the early 1990's their fashion is not presented in any other way. Just look at films, TV programmes, adverts, newspapers and magazine articles, very few in skirts or traditional female attire which is still dictated for men, unlike pre-1990’s.


It can only be the concept of both men and women in their perception of what is now deemed as the masculinaty of equality and signified by trousers or macho looking clothing. Humans always need an emblem, flag, shield, a label etc to stand by to justify a particular perception.

Since 1970 everything in the male world has to be open to all. I agree, always have, but why not for the womans world? There are some activities still female only, clubs, associations, clothing and some work environments.

If Society brainwashed itself, as it does, that men always wear skirts and women always wear trousers, a man putting on trousers would no doubt get the same reaction from society as a man in a skirt. Remember, it's just a piece of cloth called clothing to not only keep one warm but reflect ones individuality. If a modern woman can these days embrace trousers and male style clothing then so to can a man for skirts or female style clothing. Reasons for and against apply equally to both.

I recall over hearing a conversation when a female, dressed in jeans, baseball cap and large chunky shoes exclaimed "look at that queer, he’s dressed as a woman". My thoughts were, look at yourself, you are hardly traditional in appearance to what you expect him to be. 

My wife and I were at a Country Hotel for a meal. Pre dinner, I became aware of a family staying and the daughter insisted she went in tatty jeans, trainers etc. Her parents advised her accordingly as best they could with a public viewing. She reluctantly changed despite saying it is my right, I feel comfortable etc. After dinner for coffee in the lounge she was in her tatty jeans and trainers remonstrating once again. These days at such places many are wearing ordinary trousers and quite often jeans and trainers. I accept their right to wear what they want but this right applies to all.

I was out shopping with my wife just before the world cup of 2010 and two rather macho looking women were discussing football shirts and why women cannot wear them. I had not seen any observations with society saying they couldn’t. They made sure this conversation was heard by the men in the vicinity especially the point – ‘after all we are not girls anymore’. This is an interesting point that being a 'girl' and wear a skirt is considered inferior, my view. If I am wrong then why where ever you go these days the majority of women’s clothing looks so similar to mens? It is interesting to note these days the number of women who have male style wallets and have to have pint glasses in their hands. If we are to stop men who want to wear a skirt or clothing labelled by society as womens wear, then society should look at its justification of many traditional male clothing now in womens wardrobes. Perhaps babies should be still dressed in blue or pink only, the traditional society gender assigned colours. Perhaps some women should stop arguing for toys being labelled under gender designations. It cuts both ways. If modern society is saying we need equal, balanced, free of gender designations etc then to have this it applies to all and not the choosen ones only.

To me, society by both genders is obsessed with power, dominance and being "top dog". At the end of the day its human nature and history is littered with examples. With regards clothing, or more precisely skirts -v-  trousers, it is very evident that trousers are a symbol of this power and dominance and as usual we humans with our superior intelligence have allowed ourselves to be brain washed into this perception. This is actually achieved by the person, not the clothing and if not why is it only the issue when a man wears a skirt or changes dress code. Never about the woman wearing trousers or changing dress code and never about clothing of the top half man or woman! Note the phrase so often used when discussions take place and it is usually followed with, "I wear the trousers around here...", as though trousers are a symbol of power, dominance and not being in trousers is weak, inferior.

With the ever increasing blurring of gender roles of society I believe men can wear skirts and whatever clothing they prefer or feel comfortable in. Women since the late eighties have facilitated a similar change for themselves stating, it is their right, they feel more comfortable, it is a more accurate description of their personality etc. In the Nineties there was a clear change in the predominance of women in trousers to previously it being skirts. Our photo album clear shows this and when I first met my wife back in 1987 and for a good few years afterwards womens departments were 90% skirts. In the mid Nineties this changed and soon it was 90% trousers.

A man in a skirt is looked upon as being odd, not normal, not traditional. A man is still held by society in a certain image and expectation, where as feminism makes it impossible for the same to be held of a woman. 006SkirtsmyObservationsofMenandWomenWith regards clothing, if a man deviates from societies clothing expectations he is a cross dresser or transvestite, yet a woman is never a cross dresser or transvestite, even though as recent as the Eighties a woman was still expected to be in skirts/dresses even though Feminism was breaking down those expectations and in the early 1900's women were imprisoned for breaking clothing expectations.

Society gets so hung up over the description of womenswear/menswear even though many womenswear items are very, very similar to menswear. Merging clothing styles for women and not for men, yet sticking to specific gender labelling is obviously required for human intelligence to cope with. I wear skirts and clothing that society deems womens wear because I choose to for their character and personality and because I have the same rights and emotions as any woman. I go everywhere now in a skirt where I deem it suitable. Suitable for me not others beliefs.

Skirt or trousers, for man or woman it makes no difference - one item has three holes, the other two holes!

As long as society or individuals adhere to these double standards then equality and gender labelling will always be here. There will always be us and them, men -v- women, arguments, trouble etc.

A man is held in the image of 'he man', macho, confined to trousers, confined to a traditional clothing format. Even the "modernisation" of male clothing is still very, very similar to that image held since the early 1800's, - trousers, shirt, tie - then surely women should be held in the traditional image of skirts, dresses, softer personalities, softer appearances etc!  

When women expect change or to do something that has not been considered traditional for a woman they just do it. If challenged or blocked, sexism, discrimination, even mysogyny is cited. We need to break this tradition expected of us is often quoted. That applies to men, who embrace equality and are happy to show their feelings, emotions and individuality. Perhaps not the men stuck in the dinosaur era of the past, but we are not all like that. Look at yourselves, what you expect and at times demand for your individuality before criticising a man and before knowing him. I have been told that change is best done slowly. I don't think the change in womens fashion since the 1990's has gone slowly, but look at other aspects of socities changes and the speed taken just because it suited others. 

Society seems to forget that women wearing trousers not so many decades ago were put in prison because it was not considerd normal. Even in the mid 1900's it was still frowned upon when Feminism of the early 1900's started. Society looks upon trousers for women as the norm these days because since the early 1990's women embraced a full and cross reference wardrobe including mens attire. How many within society speak negatively, shun or even ridicule a woman that dresses and or behaves and or looks like a man.
"They are womens clothes" is often cited by those who do not agree. To quote a phrase of Eddie Izzard "these are not womens clothes, they are my clothes, I bought them". I have also heard "womens trousers are womens because they are cut differently and are in womenswear departments". All trousers are cut differently even for men. Hang a skirt in a menswear department, does it still make it a womans garment? When women started to wear trousers, remember there was a time this was not allowed and actually a prisonable offence, they wore their male counter parts trousers. It's a fact. In fact some women actually wear clothing that is only displayed in menswear departments. It was these forerunners for women that have given them their entitled freedom of dress.

Society tolerates women looking, dressing and behaving like men, it must be because to emulate men you have equality and men must retain their macho position in Society. Anything else is considered inferior, second class. Women by their nature and personality can blend in much better.

The claim that trousers are part of women’s traditional wear may be true if you cover the time from the early 1990's. At the end of the day I have no objection to women in trousers. I accept society attitudes expectations and desires have changed dramatically since the early 1900’s but we should live in an equal world and not a pick ‘n’ mix equal world of hypocracy. If women say they have a right to wear traditional male clothing to quote the argument for the non-wearing of skirts then men do too.


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