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I have resisted such a page as this ever since this site was first created in early 2011 but now, November 2019 I have created it. I declined because of human and society perception, behaviour and response especially when it comes to men, or men wearing such items. Why now? My progress from counselling in 2011 as mentioned on my "Me & my Beyourself Message" page does not happen over night. Yes the realisation of what you have allowed yourself to descend to and what you need to do but as with all things Rome was not built in a day and time is the healer. Not being manipulated or moulded by others to satisfy their opions and beliefs my confidence in myself was growing and I started to feel complete. In 2018 I was aware of my relaxation on slips being known was very apparent. Also my time in hospital from early October 2016 including my 1 week stay in early December 2016 following my bowel cancer diagnosis. Mentioned on the above page. NHS staff have a job to do and just get on with it and lifting skirts for swabs, getting changed into gowns with staff coming in and out dropping off items or filling in forms, taking blood etc is a good way of curing any bashfulness. Also since 2018 I have found myself answering questions on Quora about slips even making reference in questions that I do wear slips so why not on my own web site. Afterall there is nothing wrong with it, personal choice and preference but as usual this comes with respectful or bigoted views. In todays society you are critised by many for anything what ever you do. People have become very oppinionated these days with out looking at themselves. As one of my quotes on this site says, no one is perfect in the eyes of another.

Hampton Court 02I do wear half and full slips and camisoles. Yes knickers but no bra. I have no need of a bra but slips certainly make skirts and dresses hang much better, even lined skirts and dresses. Most modern day linings are cloth based and therefore behave just like the dress and skirt. Clingy. You can spot dresses and skirts with poor linings or no slip a mile off. I wear slips as part of my outfit, it enhances the outfit and yes for me they add character and personality. They also add warmth in the winter as another light layer of clothing trapping yet more air is an insulator. In winter with tights I have 3 or 4 thin layers on my lower half. In the summer I find them cooler to have on, not off and of course makes it easier on the legs all year round.

I was careful with my outfits as a man in a skirt is not a standard event and therefore concious of slips and camisoles but as time progressed confidence became increasingly at ease. Since late 2016 I have happily let my camisoles be seen at the neck line of my tops and not bothered if the slip showed below my skirt due to wind, air movement or sitting when part of the slip is shown. In early 2019 I acquired 4 split skirts, plain and different colours. the split, one each side, 33 cm long. I have alsoHampton Court 01 acquired in 2019 4 dresses. Dresses for me needed to be a particular style and these are high, collared, long sleeved and long length like 137 cm. More suited for me, unlike the vast majority of dresses, unlike skirts, which are just not suitable for me or men - my perception. I do not wear dresses as often as skirts and not every situation suits them. Three dresses are buttoned and yes the buttons finish 40 cm from the hem so yes my full and half slip is shown just as on my split skirts.

I personally feel that slips are part of the outfit but also should not be hidden. I do not wear these skirts and dresses each week or as much as my fixed hem skirts but they do come out periodically. For example whilst volunteering I have had a split skirt on 3, possibly 4 times in the 2019 season. I do not flaunt my slips, fuss over them or ram them in others faces, I simply wear them for the reasons stated but do not mind if glimpses are seen when sat, wind or whatever. Slips, camisoles are worn how I wear skirts or tops and that can only be fully appreciated in my presence not an individuals perception even biased perception.

Walking 01

I have always worn slips and camisoles with skirts even for the 12 years before I went public in 2011. I never not wear them, including camisole unless I am in trousers. I wear them if skirted while dog walking locally and fell walking or doing clean DIY jobs. When I have a skirt on fell walking I am sure at times the slip will have glimpses, not obvious on any photos. Whilst fell walking in a skirt I have been known on one or two occassions to open my top when very warm and have the open top over my camisole. I have always openly acquired slips and camisoles in my own name, never hidden from the fact. I am not ashamed and never have been but I do feel this opening here is the last of hurdles I have to deal with following my counselling in 2011 about having no area at all in my life, manipulated, dictated or questioned by the bigoted and hypocritical society it is. Afterall women expect nothing else these days themselves. Society on one hand promotes individualism, freedoms, expressions, choice but at the same time questions others that do what is different to them, especially men breaking society stereotypes and expectations, not like towards women especially in clothing and appearance.

Slips are quite scarce now and most of what is available is very plain, tight and short. Windsor Great ParkGetting lengths that I need 32 and 37 inches is impossible now, not 5 years ago and I have this last month had 2 full and 2 37 inch half slips made to order. Yes in my name and yes by telephone conversation. Most women do not wear them and in conversation with this made to order request the young generation certainly not hence why the choice and styles is minimal. There was a flurry of forum chats on slips late 2000's but not so much now and these two links I found particuarly interesting.

What is a Slip and Why you Should Wear One by Kim Caldwell May 2019

Relax not Another '10 Reasons' Why Women Should Wear Slips  by Emma January 2017

 On these discussions it is roughly 50/50 for or against on the replies received and in the earlier forums. Spanx is now the most popular item but I will pass on that without thought but respect those who prefer it. It is a shame that slips have gone out of fashion. Slips have been on the decline since the early 2000's but especially since 2010. I did acquire one or two for "stock". My wife choose not to and is struggling to replace hence the made to measure request. Some men can and do make women feel uncomfortable with slips which is a shame but it certainly is not putting me off to wear full or half slips and camisoles. As I say else where on this site with regards skirts, you have the problem, not me. At the end of the day I will have brightened up an individuals day! Some men who wear them, they are on the internet, for me make it kinky, distastful and fetish. I don't, they have a purpose as well as add to the outfit and a bit of lace on show is not an issue, or it shouldn't be. My whole invasion of the female wardrobe is no different to females of the male wardrobe with the same sense and purpose - choice, freedom, individuality, preference but for me character and personality as well.

Volunteer Duty 01I have been as open as these photos from early 2019. I have been to restaurants, cafes, non fell walking strolls, theatre and evenVolunteer Duty 02 volunteer in split skirts. Do I have any reaction? The answer is no. I get the odd minority stare, giggle, finger pointing while talking to their companion as long as I have worn skirts in public. It is a very small minority as I say before on this site and I notice no other increase in this when I am about like the photos on this page. I have actually had two compliments, one on the dress above with the yellow scarf and one in my grey split skirt whilst on volunteer duty. Just as many interact with me in a fixed skirt or trousers! At the end of the day it is just material, an item of clothing and that is it. Period. Whats the fuss?

Yorkshire DalesI came across this question on Quora. I am active, when time permits, on Quora promoting men in skirts. I replied as by the time I came across it two women had replied and very negatively about slips and split skirts. Since I replied 3 others were positive, 2 men and 1 woman. For those of you who are not Quora registered, this is my reply:

Would you wear a slip with lace half way down a side slit in a skirt? The slit is in the fold of a pleat with no wide cut.

Why not? Surely it is the same as a slip showing whilst sat, or the skirt blowing in the wind. Is it not the same as camisoles showing on low cut tops, or camisole showing excessively in many places under a strappy top or with bits of bras showing including the straps. What about very thin tops which clearly show bras even camisole.

Bearing in mind many slips have a lacey edge surely it is considered part of the outfit worn, not actual underwear. If it is underwear then what about the numerous bras and at times large areas of bras on show? It is surely just like skirts that have the very full slips showing on the bottom edge. I have seen some skirts actually advertised with slips showing at the bottom and seen skirts on women with a false lacey edge shown on the bottom of the skirt where it is clearly not part of the skirt itself.

It is at the end of the day down to ones preference. It is like many aspects of life, some like some don’t. Some women don’t like skirts, prefer trousers, some men prefer women in skirts, some men prefer skirts themselves and some women like men in them and some not. It is like sport, some like it, some not and have there preferred sports and persons in comparison to others. One could go on. It is not doing any harm. Slips are often seen through skirts in certain light conditions i.e. doorway, window or bright light behind.

If you want to do it, do so, it is your choice, your freedom. Ignore what others think, as no body is perfect in the eyes of others, nobody. Nothing is wrong until it causes you or the situation a problem, then it needs to be relooked.


Derbyshire 01Women do have bra staps and camisoles on show either through or out of tops. Women have knickers, thongs on show at their trouser tops, bending so quite honestly a bit of slip on show is no different. It is the usual with society, do as I say, not as I do, just as it is for men in skirts, women in trousers!

My wife does not like slips showing intentionally but does not ask me to stop, as she is respectful to preferences. She does not mind slips showing due to wind, sitting but only when not known. Yes my wife is also an avid fan of full and half slips.

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