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I do find society, humans, individuals very fickle at times: what they don’t like to what they do like, their opinions against as opposed to the opinions that they prefer and quite often they get ‘wound up’ over matters that do no harm whatsoever yet ignore or accept issues that can do harm. It’s like complaining about speeding cars outside a school or an area that has children, yet quite often you see a speeding car with a child inside! Even on minor points of life like 'to understand children you must be a parent first' for one example. This statement intrigues me. How do first time parents cope! You usually find, in fact always find that the interpretation and conclusions reached fit with their personal views only or more importantly it is what that particular person wants to do. This is why I like the quote on my home page "everybody likes their human rights, it is just other peoples that are problematic".  I in November 2019 liked a tweet "Very true... Equality for me,who cares about anyone else". This tweet was in response to an online article in a newspaper, 'Not all Equalities are Equal' defending why women should get priority. Too me, many in society are quite Narcissistic, selfish and arrogant. Full of their own importance. Thankfully quite a few are not. Society will criticise what ever you do these days.

Many in society either they have no regard to looking to a broader more balanced view or simply do not have the intelligence to give a broader horizon. Many humans are also not honest in that they will say what they know you would like you to hear from them but the opposite when you are not there. They will also agree with a view of a group, even if they don't actually agree with the groups views themselves, so that they do not fall out of favour with the group. Many campaign, and quite rightly so, for society injustices, discrimination etc but most just see their issue, their campaign as being the only one and cannot see others have another issue, discrimination or injustice. It is not important to them so it simply does not exist. Society operates very much on a Venn Diagram basis and only those in the inner circle, where all the circles overlap and seen by society as true society members. To many in society are obessed with the age old human problem, power, dominance and money and will scramble over anyone in the pursuit of it. Politics and big business is rife with it but it appears in most aspects of life not just local clubs etc but even discussions as too others perceptions and beliefs.

The UK, and on the whole society worldwide is very set in its ways and is not susceptible to change unless it suits it. In western society women in the modern world appear to be able to do anything and it is acceptable. Men on the other hand stray even slightly away from society’s narrow band of tolerance for them and there is uproar. You do not have to go very far these days to see women behaving exactly as men are criticised for but not according to society or the media on the whole - accepting not all. At the end of the day there should be no difference for either sex. The media in this modern era is all to quick to mention the wrongs of men in society but very rarely do you hear of the wrongs of women on main line news bulletins. Men may hold the lions share of violence and crime but I read news web sites as they cover a more comprehensive news coverage, good and bad but also lists murders, child abuse etc committed by women and very, very rarely hear on main TV/Radio bulletins. Society for centuries has always had a reason, and excuse for a woman who strays off the "civilised way" but not for men, held within tight expectations of behaviour and appearance.

I had a very interesting talk in 2011 on this subject. This person, it was a woman, felt that in this modern world men are unjustly restricted. Men have in the past on the whole been looked upon as the provider, protector etc, pre-history ‘hunter-gatherer’. In the latter years, relative to the human history, women have broken this mould demanded independence and with this new found freedom which has given them ‘power’ now behave like humans tend too and dominate with their views and expectations. Men on the whole still feel the need to be this old fashioned protector and provider, still hold on to that ‘hunter gatherer’ image which makes them feel good and has a ‘macho’ appearance. I found this remark very interesting and I agree with it.

In this world such behaviour makes women no better than men of the past and if both genders pooled their positives and negatives together they could work and live with a more practical, open and tolerant world. Men on the whole appear to be frightened of an apparent illusive image if their ‘manhood’ is challenged or altered. Many men in this modern era try to embrace their real feelings, as to some women, and go as far as living together as one or even having a sex change. The majority of women have embraced their new freedom of choice and independence and why should they not, but at the same time still hold men to the old traditional image, a traditional image they fought hard to lose. Men in fear of their manhood, the ‘hunter gather’ image are frightened of looking weak or inferior and therefore the two modern genders combined provide the world with ‘he-men’ and ‘he-women’ and anybody else simply is inferior or not normal. What is normal? Normal is perceived by those with set opinions and no tolerance to others. However the world is basically dominated by fickle humans who are not really the most intelligent species to walk this planet. The human race sets its policies based upon who can dominate their opinion as the best and convince the others they are correct. Many humans believe in something because it sounds good or simply because many also believe. Politics and religion are good examples here when at the end of the day many do not even understand or have any research on the subject they are spouting in favour of. The Human race is just like Lemmings. A species of animal that follow each other in a herd with no thought of what is happening to a point they follow the front leaders over a cliff to certain death. The internet, social Media even within the real world is my proof. Some men are but it is the women who are more vocal.

Another is society holds labels and expectations for both genders and because of this we have many discriminative situations for both in many areas of life. For example in the work place it is still claimed that many women cannot work or have careers cut short due to family life, yet at the same time society will riddicule or at least look down on a man who stays at home to look after the family. Many traditional society expectations of men make it difficult for some men or complete refusal by other men due to society perception of their "manhood". For society to have a no gender bias and true equality for all then society needs a major culture change by both genders on attitudes and expectations of each other.

The phrase Ladies and Gentlemen was coined during the renaissance period to give a clear divide between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ in the then society. Nowadays everyone is referred to as Ladies and Gentlemen and quite honestly many do not deserve such title and simply man/woman. Prior to renaissance period it was gentlewomen and gentlemen for those in court with Lords and Ladies for those in high court. The ordinary folk was simply man or woman.

Chivalry, ‘courteous behaviour, esp. towards women’ – Dictionary. This stems from the Medieval period, a time when men and women had specific gender roles, expectations and aspirations. Chivalry from men was still expected even in the 1900’s and men willingly offered it. However, with the development of womens rights, independence and equality, the expectation of chivalry has greatly diminished in the mid to younger generations not only by men but also by women who do take offence at times as it is seen as undermining their position. However, ‘cherry picking’ in this area takes place just as much as it does with skirt/trouser arguments. I know some will disagree with me here but it does happen. Many women still expect it even though they exercise their new independence to the full and will quite often use the expression MCP if they do not get what they want. As a man I will hold open a door, help and assist any one as a fellow human being provided I am in that immediate vicinity. I do not do it for women under chivalry as I live by and respect equality/independence. I also do this as I choose not to run into aggression because a woman considers that a man has undermined her which inevitably turns out to be a one sided argument on their part. If sections of society wish to turn their backs on tradition because it suits them then accept what that change brings and do not pick and choose within these changes. It’s like the modern claim of succession to the UK throne to include the first female as well as the first son. So if we are to tidy this area up within the modern era we live, do so, but without the “pick ‘n’ mix” policy. True gender equality only exists when both genders are inclusive in all issues and discussions. True gender equality does not exist when one gender is given privilege over another. True gender equality comes from respect for each other. Society may have realised its gender roles and specifications of the past were wrong, but it must be uniform with its obsession to labels and sterteotyping that it still preferes to keep.


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