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The Belief System

I came across this statement from a book talking about climate conspiracy, but quite honestly it applies to many aspects of Society:


"a belief system in complete ignorance to facts, where try as hard as you like, you cannot convince a believer of anything when their belief is not based upon facts but a simple need to believe in their own belief"

One's own belief is very true in many aspects of human intelligence which quite often is fickle and has no continuity with it's thinking process when you compare decisions and beliefs with other decisions the same individual makes.

In fact that belief system is no more than being a hypocrite to restrict another to a perceived tradition yet allow others to break away from perceived tradition. My site makes reference to traditions which normally do not span more than 100 years!

My site is clearly based upon facts and evidence therefore not simply a need to believe in my own belief.


The human mind simply believes in what it wants to see. It applies to us all!


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