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UK Government Drive for Boys to be Able to Wear Skirts

This article posted to this site 13th June 2016 may be a misleading title. It is true in what it says but I have based my title on the same approach as the newspaper links below reporting this subject of a little known government funded drive to encourage all schools and education establishments in the UK to have gender neutral uniform policies on expected dress code.

I'm not against gender neutral on clothing in fact in many areas of life these days. You will have read elsewhere on this site that I do not believe society can achieve gender equality until it allows full freedom of choice and expression, opportuinities to all and drops the persistent labels and expectations on genders especially these so called competing 'gender battles'. What has annoyed me looking at the links below is how this subject is being promoted. Firstly the issue and main target of reference is once again about boys and wearing skirts only mentioning girls and trousers in the reports briefly. To me it is implying boys have the problems the fact that girls want to wear trousers isn't a problem. Secondly, this government drive is based upon transgender children so they have the opportunity to reflect their true emotions and identity by being able to wear such clothing. It is therefore only those boys who need the opportunity to wear skirts not boys and men like myself, there are thousands of men like me, who are not transgender but heterosexual males who also have a differing preference of clothing choice away from societies labels and expectations placed upon them. Not so for heterosexual females now adopting male style clothing, that's OK, it's just men like myself that are queer, dysfunctional, faggots and the rest of the descriptive terms used for us but never towards women in male style clothing.

I heard on the Today programme of Radio 4 on 12th June 2016 that at least 80 schools in the UK had changed their uniform policies by removing reference to boys and girls to reflect that boys can wear skirts and girls can wear trousers. Basically make school uniform policies gender neutral. I always thought in recent years girls could wear trousers at school establishments, I do see female students in trousers. I Googled the topic and on the first search page came up with the links at the bottom of this page. Some go back to January 2016, others mid June 2016. I'm sure there are other links but I will leave it at these for this article.

I noted the comments submitted by readers of these newspaper articles about it being ridiculous, sick, weird society etc. One comment stated that if boys dress like girls we will not be able to tell the difference between the genders. You will have to explain to me how the vast majority of women do not differ to men these days in dress style and if you can still tell the difference then you can with boys/men in skirts. Religious communities do not agree with this move with regards boys but nothing is ever said about girls! These statements and the others to me are typical of todays society, a single, selfish and narrow minded approach to do as I say not as I do. They think of their needs, what they want and only for them. They do not consider others at all. They do not apply the same logic across the board, especially in comparison to women in this modern era. Masculinity image is most paramount to many, even with women, as it is the symbol of dominance, power etc yet when it suits masculinity is critisised as outdated and old fashioned. These days the vast majority of women are now in male style clothing, even down to shoe and hair stlyes. You cannot initially tell if one is a man or woman at times. Attitudes, behaviour, language etc of both men and women are very similar. Boys in skirts, men in skirts are no different to the vast majority of women now in male style clothing, clothing that was once illegal for them to wear and frowned upon by society. Women, to gain this freedom of clothing choice, wore male garments, and many still do to this day. I heard only earlier in June 2016 on a phone in debate show about the demise of the UK retailer BHS, how upset she was as she liked their male trousers and wore them herself! One article makes reference to religious groups objecting to this change for boys as it will confuse them and other children. Why? Women embracing the male wardrobe did not consider the confusing of children when they ditched the skirts and dresses, the clothing labelled and expected of them to wear at one time by society. I see many a comment on the internet from parents, mostly women, objecting to school uniform policies where it stipulates girls must wear skirts as sexist, discriminatory and a fringe of their human rights. Once again men are questioned, ridiculed, have labels and expectations placed upon them by society yet it is free range with regards women and girls. When I mentioned these articles to my wife she said in this era of freedom for women especially in clothing I do not understand why men are treated as they are. She added an example of one particular primary age girl in our location, very rural location, who is brought up as a Tomboy, encouraged to be and to wear suits, jackets, ties, waist coats etc. This person is applauded for her appearance yet a man who wears anything that society considers still to be womens clothing is ridiculed. My wife is quite correct on this point.

I do not object to this gender neutral policy drive but I do object to how it is promoted. It is not simply down to, and only because of trans people. Putting it as simplistic as that makes any man who prefers a skirt or other clothing from what society still labels as womens wear only, as being Transgender - many are not. If so this logic should be applied to the vast majority of women who now wear clothing styles from the male wardrobe, styles they still expect and label for men. I'm all for supporting Transgender, but singling them out only discriminates against hetrosexual males and once again it makes this group of people appear different within society. Once again human intelligence criticises labels as doing harm but replaces it with another label. It should be that clothing, all clothing to both genders is gender neutral and open to all if one so desiries. Why mention Transgender, Gay, Lesbian, Hetrosexual, men, women etc?

For myself, and the many other men like myself, I see, read and hear on the internet many trying to get society wide acceptance for men in skirts, acceptance without question and ridicule just like women in trousers and other male style clothing expect. Promoting this government drive as it is simply makes men a mockery. Not so for women but should it do what a commotion would be made on their behalf. Society, its intelligence and failings!

These are the links:

 Posh School Allows Transgender Boys Wear Skirts to Class - Daily Express 20th January 2016

Brighton College becomes first School in Britiain to Scrap Uniform Policy so all Children can Wear Skirts or Trousers - Mirror 20th January 2016

Boys Should be Allowed to Wear Skirts to School says Education Adviser - Birmingham Mail 7th May 2016

New School Rules Lets Boys Wear Skirts - Sunday Times 12th June 2016

Now Boys can Wear Skirts to School - as New 'Gender Neutral' Uniforms Introduced - Telegraph 12th June 2016

School Boys Allowed to Wear Skirts under New 'Gender Neutral' Uniform Rules - Independent 12th June 2016


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