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My BBC Radio Tees Interview 26-01-2018

On the 26th January 2018, as part of my Day Coordinators volunteer role at the National Trust, I took part in a Volunteer Recruitment drive. The local radio station, BBC Radio Tees came along before the event started to talk to some of the exisiting volunteers who were in attendance. Out of the 6 volunteers present, four volunteers did and I was one. We were asked a series of questions about volunteering of which we had no prior knowledge. Yes that BBC Radio Tees were to come but that was it. It was a live recording session, just as my two radio interviews in 2017. I was asked about my role as volunteer, why I think others should become volunteers but I was also asked by my line manager to speak about diversity and volunteering. The whole session was edited down to 5 min, and I am second to be interviewed after our line manager, and on this recording my section is between 1 min 30 seconds and 2 minutes 38 seconds. Although the whole interview for all was about NT volunteering my diversity was to let would be volunteers know that the National Trust is a diversity inclusive organisation and in my respect I am, a man in a skirt, on the front line and heading up a team of volunteers.


This link will let you listen to an audio recording of this interview. It will play automatically.


It was with Gary Philipson on BBC Radio Tees 26th January 2018. The section of his programme is a regular Friday slot where he covers something you can do for free or for very little money.



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