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My BBC Radio York Interview 25-07-19

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It was with Jonathan Cowap on the morning programme for "lively discussion and debate on the issues of the day". 9am to Noon.


Live radio nerves was not an issue this time! Text received 8.26 am asking if I would like to add to the discussion this morning about clothing choice in the current heatwave. Even northern England was to hit 30 degrees.

My segment was for 3 mins 44 seconds at 9.23 am on 25th July 2019.


I posted a tweet about the half hour section on the previous days show about dress etiquette in warm weather:

"Just listened to suitable clothing when very warm. Agree professional image for work but disagree with ladies OK blokes not. In context blokes are gentlemen but I say women are equally as bad with appearance. I'm for gender & label free clothing, casual/professional."

With a follow up tweet and picture: Radio July 2019 Page 10 1

"Keeping #cool but not via my #skirt. Once a #year hedge cut but in the cool & pleasant #evening. Not full #sun. About 8pm. Not a practical job in a skirt! Left that indoors. #heatwave #heatwaveuk #BeYourself Will have a lager now."



It was the latter one that apparently generated the text to me the following day.




Women in this current era prefer trousers of all styles in preference to skirts and dresses, yet the moment it becomes warm, out come the dresses and skirts. Have you never stopped to think why? Actually I don't, I know why because I do!

In this radio interview the presenter does ask if people ask me why. As with all the radio interviews I am not pre warned as to the questions and also the radio show has a finite time on any topic and participants involved. I stand by my answer to public asking why I wear a skirt. I will add more here. The vast majority of public pass by without look or question, certainly not obvious to me. Just as many interact with me in a skirt as when I am in trousers. I made friends in trousers and I make friends in a skirt. Yes I do get some looks for a moment looking again as if to make sure they know what they have just seen and done in seconds. Yes a small minority in comparison to what I have said here do make it known they find it funny, amusing, some do laugh and point but they are in a small minority and you tend to find those people will make an issue of a raft of society events they encounter. No one has ever physically challenged me directly. 

I wear skirts as a man, throughout the year and regardless of weather. As always there are exceptions. I do not wear skirts during my garden duties which is one day a week plus adhoc jobs a garden can produce eg hedge to cut. However, I do pop down to clients gardens to do adhoc watering even seeing clients in a skirt. It just depends on what I am doing either side of this activity.

I do wear skirts occasionally for fell walking when I know the weather will not require the need of waterproofs, it is not to be very windy or cold, the tops of large mountains in excess of 2000 ft can produce different weather to sea level. Also not in a ramblers club walk but do with friends. Our 2 dogs get two walks most days between 4 and 6 miles and these, unless it is raining, I do in a skirt which I have downgraded from my social outing skirts.

Also occasionally with my other hobby of amateur builder. Snow clearing has been known to be done in a skirt. I do wear skirts in very windy weather, obviously more straighter styles and in rain. They are warn at all other times and in public.

I am not ashamed to openly invade the female wardrobe as a man for freedom of choice, expression and individuality. Personality and Character. It is no different to the assimilation of the male wardrobe be women who are still regarded as women.



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